10 Ways To Reuse Water At Home

10 Ways To Reuse Water At Home

Although 70% of our Earth is water, only a minor percentage of it can be applied for household use. Governments are continuously dealing with water shortage issues to serve the masses. Cutting back on the use of water is important to conserve water, but there can be ways with which you can collect water and recycle it to save it even more. Here at oneHOWTO, check out these 10 ways to reuse water at home.

Install a rain barrel

Instead of using supplied water to water your garden, you can collect rainwater in a rain barrel for this purpose. A rain barrel can be installed underneath the downspout of your gutter, so that most of the rain water gets collected in it. You can use this collected water for different purposes at home.

Save pasta water

Next time you make pasta, don’t let the precious water go down the drain. Instead, keep the colander over a pot to collect that precious pasta water. Once this water has cooled down, you may use it to water your garden or for other purposes at home.

Save when you wash fruits and vegetables

The water that you used to wash your fruits or vegetables is also suitable to reuse water at home. Place the colander over a pot to collect this water, and use it to flush the toilet or water the garden.

Install a grey water system

When you do laundry or wash your hands in the basin, the water that usually goes down the drain can be redirected for other purposes at home. For example, water draining from your laundry can be diverted to flush the toilet. Installing such a system requires plumbing and a little investment, but it’s worth it. Remember you can also save electricity when using your washing machine too.

Reuse drinking water

If a water bottle is sitting for too long, and you do not wish to drink it, then go to your garden and feed a thirsty plant with it. Did you know that unsweetened tea can also be poured on plants?

Recycle aquarium water

Another useful trick to reuse water at home is to recycle dirty aquarium water to make fertilizer for your plants.

Reuse unwanted ice

Instead of just dumping that unwanted ice down the drain, spread it in your garden, and let the process of evaporation do the rest.

Collect shower water

If you are going to take a hot water shower, the water temperature takes a couple of minutes to reach a comfortable level. So, by the time the water gets heated, keep a bucket beneath to store the cold water.

Divert your roof runoff

If it is rainy season, keep a barrel under your roof’s drain, and collect the rain water to water your garden, do the dishes or wash the cars.

Create a rain garden

With a little retouching, you can create a garden in which the run off from plants from hanging baskets is diverted to plants in the lower parts. This way, least water is required to water the garden.

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