Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate

Do you want to liven up your garden and you live in a Mediterranean climate? A good idea to pre-organize your natural space is to consider what kind of plants are suitable for temperatures that suit the Mediterranean. There are many plants that have been introduced and which adapted to this weather despite not being native. These will serve to decorate and fill your garden with Southern European beauty. On OneHowTo we tell you what the best plants for a Mediterranean climate are.

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Steps to follow:

There are many types of plants and trees which you can use to create a Mediterranean garden. In this article we're going to propose the most appropriate species for this unique and special type of climate. The plants that flourish in this type of climate are often resistant to high temperatures, they can thrive in water scarcity and they do require long periods of sun exposure. Arid soils are ideal for their optimal growth, although they do not require very special soil conditions in general.

Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate - Step 1

To create your garden in Mediterranean areas, a great way is to distribute the plants on a lawn and leave a space for a group of agaves. These beautiful plants have thorny, fleshy leaves that are arranged in a gorgeous rosette. Ensure that the soil is well drained and there is enough sun for these plants.

On the walls of the house, or even in very central areas, you can plant yuccas. They are pointed plants of a highly decorative nature. When they burst into bloom, their flowers out are a beautiful white ivory that gives them a very elegant feel in any garden.

Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate - Step 2

Tree species such as cypresses, palms and pines are also suitable plants for a Mediterranean climate. Among the palm trees, the phoenix palm tree, with its long green leaves and fruits like orange dates, is very interesting and beautiful. Another alternative for your Mediterranean garden are cacti because they need long periods of sunshine and they grow in very dry soils. There is a wide selection of cacti with many decorative possibilities in your garden. Lemon trees are also the perfect species for this type of weather. They are small, with nice foliage, including flowers which smell great and they give lemons as fruit, making them showy and flashy.

Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate - Step 3

Another typical Mediterranean tree is the olive tree, a very decorative and with a very special fruit species. It has lush foliage and a winding trunk. It does not require much watering and adapts well to heat.

In addition to trees you can also decorate your garden with coloured flowers and intense aromas. A good choice are called leaf bushes like scrapers (Callistemun citrinus). They have long stamens of flowers with mauve colours, which look like a feather dusters.

Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate - Step 4

Another recommendation for a perfect Mediterranean climate is the bougainvillea: a climbing plant that loves warm and temperate climates. It has long branches that are covered with red, purple and pink flowers in autumn.

Another great option for your garden that is simply spectacular is the cyca, a plant that grows slowly and the result is beautifully decorative. It has large leaves that sprout from the middle of the plant.

Also, there is a beautiful shrub called cortaderia whose effect is very elegant in a garden, and which also decorates interiors. It has long dusters which are a very silky silver, which give s them a very particular environmental beauty.

Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate - Step 5

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Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate
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Best Plants for a Mediterranean Climate

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