Cheap Smart Home Ideas

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: June 3, 2018
Cheap Smart Home Ideas

Long past are the days when clapping your hands to turn on and off your lamps made people gush in awe. Technology for the home is taking on at full speed where life hacks such as programmable washing machines are a given in many households. The ability to remotely control your home’s central heating system is now possible using smart thermostats. People are making their homes smarter by taking advantage of technological systems at a very low price.

In this OneHowTo article we share several cheap smart home ideas you may want to implement.

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Home safety and security

Everyone wants to feel safe and protected within the walls of their own house. As soon as you close the door of your property, you should be able to trust that you are living in a secure place. House alarms used to help provide this needed security; but recent technological developments have enhanced home safety and security mechanisms.

You are able to monitor your home’s security system by installing several door and window sensors that may be connected to your phone. The app will alert you if anyone breaks in when you are not in the house.


One of the first measures that people take to make their homes smarter is to update their lighting fixtures. In the store you should be able to find LED wireless lightbulbs that connect via Bluetooth to your phone. That way you can regulate the amount of light you want in a room even if you are not home.

Additionally, you may want to replace your home’s switches with newer versions that offer programmable features. These switches have the benefit of creating different moods by allowing you to dim the lights.

Cheap Smart Home Ideas - Lighting

Heating and cooling

Coming in late from work to a warm house is actually very feasible nowadays. For people living in places with extreme climates, heating and cooling costs can easily go over the roof, that is without even considering the damage that this causes to the environment.

The solution is smart thermostats. With just a few tweaks to your existing thermostat you can install these enhanced versions that make use of energy saving systems while at the same time keeping temperature levels at an optimal level. These thermostats are connected to your handheld devices and will allow you to remotely control your home’s heating and cooling system.

Cheap Smart Home Ideas - Heating and cooling


The perks of living in a residential area is the fact that you may be able to buy a house with a backyard or garden area. However, if you aren’t into designing a garden, this advantage may actually turn into a dreaded responsibility.

Nowadays, you are able to find tech devices that make gardening duties easy. For instance, there are in the market very affordable devices that will independently measure the humidity of your soil, record the amount of sunlight in your area and test the quality of your soil to optimize the gardening process. You will be able to follow recommendations on how to take care of your plants during every season of the year.

Cheap Smart Home Ideas - Gardening

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Cheap Smart Home Ideas
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Cheap Smart Home Ideas

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