Cheap Ways To Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without Heating

Cheap Ways To Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without Heating

Winter is right around the corner and energy bills will inevitably go up as you turn up the heating to keep your house warm. Constantly running your heating can get to be very expensive however, and there are some things you can do to make your house warmer without turning up the the thermostat. So keep reading and let oneHOWTO tell you some great, cheap ways to keep your house warm without heating.

Insulation and Blocking Cold Winds

Many people like to tape plastic over their windows in the winter time to help keep the wind out of their house. Plastic can really help to keep all of the brisk winds from coming into your home. Many people also have cracks in their floors and cold air rises up through them. Be sure that you seal these cracks as well. Make sure that the doors and windows of your home are sealed completely or the cold, winter air will get into your home. If you notice that your house is becoming more humid then read about some tricks to reduce humidity at home.

By adding insulation to your home, you can also keep any cold air out. Many older homes have poor insulation so it is very important to check yours before the winter hits. Make sure that the ceilings and attic are both insulated so the heat you do have in your home won't escape.

Candles and The Fireplace

By lighting candles in your home, you can not only add light and fragrance, but you can also add a little bit of heat. Candles add a lot of ambiance to your home as well.

A fireplace is also a great addition to any home. They are cozy and romantic and can really warm up your entire home. If you do have a fireplace in your home, make sure you get it inspected before you start a fire. Once the fireplace is properly cleaned, it will be a great way to heat up your home without having to turn the heating on.


Start Cooking

Cooking is one of the best ways to warm up your home. The oven puts out quite a lot of heat that can warm not only your kitchen, but the other rooms near it. Cooking a full dinner can really add a huge amount of heat to your home.

Stay Warm this Winter

When the winter cold hits, there are many ways to keep warm. Turning the heating on should be the last option because it will help you to save money. Once you try all of these tips, you will really see how much money you can save. As well as preparing your home for winter you should also make sure that your vehicle is prepared for winter too.

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