Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck

By Ameera Mills. Updated: January 30, 2019
Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck

According to Feng Shui, what plants should one have at home to attract good fortune? If you're asking yourself this question, then you can be sure you've come to the right place. Feng Shui is an Asian philosophy and pseudoscience which focuses on energy balances in order to harmonize space and people. Plants recommended by this philosophy are those that aim to clean air, help Chi flow, attract positive energy, good luck, health and more!

So, if you are looking to find out which are good Feng Shui plants for good luck, keep reading here at OneHOWTO.

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Good Feng Shui plants for front yard

Do you want to attract good fortune into your home? If so, the Sacred Lotus is the perfect flower for you! According to Feng Shui the lotus flower symbolizes perfection in all of its splendor. In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, the entirety of the plant hold great health properties. Therefore, having a lotus flower in your home can bring you good luck, in terms of health, a path to improvement and achieving a healthy and harmonious life.

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Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck - Good Feng Shui plants for front yard

Good Feng Shui plant for office

Another of the flowering plants that bring good luck and positive energy is the peony. Peonies are plants commonly used in Feng Shui to attract romance and love. Peonies are often given as a good luck gift.

The peony, like the other plants on this list, can be placed next to a lucky elephant figure in order to enhance luck and positivity. For more about lucky Feng Shui plants, you may enjoy our article about which plants improve the Feng Shui in my home.

Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck - Good Feng Shui plant for office

Good Feng Shui plant for front door

Cherry blossom flowers, from the trees of the genus Prunus, represent good luck and good fortune. This lucky Feng Shui plant is known to garner more luck when it is in bloom. Cherry blossoms have always been used in Feng Shui to attract good fortune and positive energy for new beginnings. It is common in Feng Shui beliefs that if someone has moved into a new home or a new office, that you offer them cherry blossom flowers.

It is possible to keep this beautiful tree in a large pot in your home, however, it is recommended that it is grown in a garden.

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Good Feng Shui plant for home

To attract good luck to your home and experience a balanced and easy life, the best flowers according to Feng Shui are chrysanthemums. The Feng Shui philosophy consider these flowers as carrying the yang energy, known to bring goof fortune. These plants are considered so worthy, than many people even opt to have paintings or pictures of them hanging in their homes. These flowering plants come in a variety of colors, among which Feng Shui prefer white, pink and red.

Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck - Good Feng Shui plant for home

Good Feng Shui Plants for bathroom

According to the Asian philosophy Feng Shui, daffodils, also known asnarcissus plant offers talent and skills the luck to flourish. Daffodils are known to bring good luck to those busy studying, working, in new relationships etc. Therefore, if you feel like you need help with your career, studies or romantic life, this is the best Feng Shui plant for you! Daffodils come in both white and yellow colors, which in addition to the luck, can really make a space look beautiful

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Good Feng Shui plant for living room

Orchids are not only popular for bringing good luck in Feng Shui, but also in general life. In fact, orchids are considered to be one of the best indoor plants for good luck. In addition, according to Feng Shui, orchids are a symbol of fertility, abundance, spiritual growth, purity and perfection.

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Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck - Good Feng Shui plant for living room

Fend Shui Plants for wealth

On the topic of good luck, we can’t miss mentioning some of the best Feng Shui plants for wealth and fortune. These plants include these following money plants:

  • Jade: feng shui money plant. This plant should be placed Southeast to attract wealth and good luck. According to Feng Shui principles, you should not place your jade money plant in your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Bonsay tree: Otherwise know ¡n as only ‘‘money tree’’ (Pachira aquatica). Place this plant in your money area or office. Like the Jade money plant, do not place it in your bathroom or bedroom.

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Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck
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Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck

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