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How To Avoid Stains On Clothes While Ironing

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Avoid Stains On Clothes While Ironing

Sometimes, after ironing our clothes, we are faced with a frustrating problem: our freshly washed clothes are left with rust stains left behind by the iron. This means that we must restart the whole process of washing and ironing. For this reason it is important to prevent this home appliance from damaging our clothes. That is why we propose how to avoid stains on clothes while ironing in such a way that you no longer encounter this problem.

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  1. Cleaning of the iron
  2. Goodbye to iron stains
  3. Cleaning alternative
  4. Advice to clean the iron
  5. Burns

Cleaning of the iron

To prevent the clothes from getting stained all we need is a correct care and preparation of the iron to carry out its functions. In fact, the release of particles from the iron is common if this is not properly cleaned, and so we recommend you learn to get rid of remains of dirt. We will show you how to do so through some simple steps.

Goodbye to iron stains

To get rid of the stains formed on the iron you must turn to 2 important elements that never fail: vinegar and sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. With them you will clean your iron effectively and, more importantly, economically.

However, it is good that you take two precautions before taking action. First check that the iron is switched off and then ensure it is cold. Never clean your iron when it is plugged in or hot.

To do so take a cloth and pour some water and vinegar on it, adding a pinch of sodium bicarbonate. With the mix ready you need only pass this gently on the metal plate of the iron, making circular movements to remove the particles of dirt more easily.

Cleaning alternative

Vinegar and bicarbonate are not the only way to stop iron stains on your clothes. We therefore also recommend using waxed paper and salt. For this, put some salt on the paper and, ensuring that the iron is cold, run the metal plate over this surface so that the dirt sticks to the salt.

To return to the initial situation and so that your iron looks as good as new we only need use some metal polish softly on the surface of the iron.

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How To Avoid Stains On Clothes While Ironing - Cleaning alternative

Advice to clean the iron

To maintain a clean iron and avoid having it affect your clothes it is important that you clean the water deposit. For this, use the left over vinegar and bicarbonate mix and put it in the iron's water deposit.

Then plug it in and leave to warm. Use the vaporizer for passing the mix through the holes of the iron surface. Like this you avoid an accumulation of water.

Furthermore, it is also important that you pass a slightly wet cloth on the sheet each time you collect the clothes from the washing machine or when putting the iron to specific use. It will provide the maintenance of the apparatus and you will avoid nasty last-minute surprises.

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Another stain that may occur after ironing your clothes is a burn stain. It is very important to avoid burn stains as they cannot be removed at all. To ensure that you do not burn your clothes while ironing, you should always control the temperature, keeping it hot enough to iron but not hot enough to burn your clothes, especially if it is a delicate fabric. Another piece of advice is to not leave the iron in the same spot for long. When ironing, the iron should be continuously moving so not to leave behind burn marks.

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How To Avoid Stains On Clothes While Ironing