How to Boost Your Home's Security

By Mary Smith. December 15, 2021
How to Boost Your Home's Security

Home security is a priority for most people, but many owners don't know that they're committing mistakes that are putting their lives and property in danger. Many people are also not aware of the dangers they're exposed to. You never know when a home invader may come to your door or if someone's going to break in while you're away on vacation or at work. This is why you should take all the steps necessary to protect yourself, especially if you live in a densely populated city. Let’s take a look at how you can boost your home’s security.

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Invest in Basic Surveillance

Having round-the-clock surveillance on your property used to be expensive, but not anymore. There are tons of ways that you can build a DIY system in your home using smart surveillance tools. The first thing you should invest in is a doorbell camera. Go for a camera that has a wide-angle that will allow you to see the entire front of the house. You also have to go with a camera that allows for two-way communication. This way, you'll be able to communicate with the person at the door without opening it. You'll also be able to speak with them even if you're miles away or in another country.

Other tools you should consider investing in are a few smart surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and smart door locks. Smart door locks might be one of the most underrated security tools that you could use, especially if you have small children who often lose their keys. Some services will give you everything you need in one package. If you want to know what the best DIY surveillance packages are, we suggest you check out Here you'll find out exactly what each package includes and the pros and cons of each, as well as reviews of lots of other products and services related to all aspects of life.

Hide Your Valuables

Even if you trust the community that you’re in, you never know who can come in and peek through your windows, so keep your valuables out of plain sight. One of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving their blinds open when they watch TV. Not only will thieves be able to see that you have a nice 65-inch TV, but they could also assume that you have other valuables inside the house. So, make sure that you invest in good blinds or position your TV in a way that it will be impossible to see from the outside. Also, park your car in your garage instead of the driveway whenever possible.

Don’t Hide Keys

Hiding your keys somewhere on your property is always a bad idea. Even if you decide to hide it under a rock in your backyard, it only takes one person to see you take it out for them to get access to your property. Instead, we would suggest that you give a few copies of your keys to people you can trust. They also have to be readily available in case you need them. Another thing you could do would be to invest in smart door locks as we mentioned earlier. This will eliminate the whole issue.

Never Let People Know that You’re Not Home

You’ve probably heard that thieves like to look at mailboxes to see if people are away on vacation, and this is not an urban legend. Thieves will look for any sign that people aren’t in their homes before they attack, so try to feign human activity whichever way you can. You could ask people you know to come and pick up the mail for you, but there are other things that you could do. If you have smart lighting, activate it during the evenings. This will make everyone think that there's someone inside. Even adding a motion light could be enough to deter some thieves. If you’re going out for a short period, another thing you could do is leave your TV on. This will work if you want to deter people coming in from outside, but it will be especially efficient if you live in an apartment building and are worried about people breaking into your apartment while you’re away.

Even leaving your car parked in the same place could be an indication that you're not there. So, do everything you can to make people think that you're around, even if it means asking a neighbor to mow your lawn while you're gone. For more ideas, check this link:

Don't Overly Conceal Your Property

You might think that high hedges and privacy fences give you protection, but they will also protect burglars in case one breaks in. Not only that but having extra protection may signal to thieves that you have lots of valuables inside the house. So, don't conceal your house too much and focus on monitoring instead.

How to Boost Your Home's Security - Don't Overly Conceal Your Property

These are just some of the things you could do right now to instantly boost your home’s security. This isn't something you can take lightly, so take all the steps necessary today if you care about your possessions and your family.

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How to Boost Your Home's Security
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How to Boost Your Home's Security

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