How to Care for a Lady of the Night Plant

How to Care for a Lady of the Night Plant

The flowers of this shrub open and release odor when the sun sets, which explains its name: lady of the night . It is also known as night-blooming jasmine, night-blooming cestrum, queen of the night, night-blooming jessamine, and Hasnühana. Lady of the night easy to look after as the care required is basic and very simple. oneHOWTO explains more about how to care for a lady of the night plant.

Steps to follow:

First, you must choose the appropriate place to locate your lady of the night as this plant does not tolerate low temperatures and, therefore, you must keep it protected from the cold, especially if you live in a region with extreme temperature changes or in a windy environment. Thus, you can place it in a sheltered spot in your garden to prevent frost, making sure that it receives sunlight so that it can emit its characteristic scent in summer.


Lady of the night plants often adapt to most soils, so you should not worry too much about the type of substrate. However, ensure that proper drainage is in place to avoid the accumulation of water.


As to the irrigation required for the lady of the night, watering twice a week during the winter and every two days in summer is sufficient. It is important that the plant does not remain flooded to prevent root rot.


Basic care for lady of the night includes removing leaves and wilted flowers to encourage growth of the remaining ones. Also, in early summer, once they have already bloomed- prune them to prevent them from growing too much.


It will also be advisable to provide extra nutrients into the soil for the lady of the night, using liquid fertilizers rich in iron. This will also help them to grow and thrive, especially in the flowering stage.

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