How To Care For African Violets

How To Care For African Violets

An African violet is a fantastic plant for decorating your home, both indoors and in your garden or yard. Its name indicates the most common colour, but you can also find some kinds that are white. Besides adding colour and elegance to your home, violets also give off a wonderful scent. If you would like to grow this plant or if you already have a violet at home, pay attention to the next article. Here at, we'll explain how to care for African Violets. Follow these tips and your flowers will grow healthy, strong and beautiful. Take note!

Steps to follow:

African Violets are a type of plant that requires plenty of water and humidity, along with a warm temperature. Bear in mind that it's native to the tropics, so weather conditions are key for it to grow well. Make sure your plant is within a temperature of approximately 70°F (21°C), though they will stand temperatures as low as 60°F (15°C).


Irrigation. To care for African Violets, you should know that they need plenty of water, they need to be planted on rich, moist soil. Water them two to three times a week. Watering should be done with lukewarm water. Try not to do it with cold water, as this may leave dark spots on the leaves.


Sun exposure. Violets can be kept indoors or outside, away from direct sunlight. However, hey do need some light to be able to bloom and flourish at their maximum. Their ideal position is in semi-shady areas that are still warm. Remember, too much light can make the flowers wilt or even burn. A yellow tone appearing on the leaves will be a sign of this. If you have your plant indoors, make sure all the sides of your plant get some sunlight every week.


Cold. As already mentioned, violets originate in warm areas, so, excess cold can affect them badly, weakening them. It is important that you never place them in places where the temperature is less than 53ºF (12ºC). Cold temperatures can cause color loss, turning them a yellow color.


Pests. Violets are often affected by mealybugs, aphids or whiteflies. If your plant is affected, use an organic pesticide on the soil in in its pot. Spray in the early hours of the morning, avoiding leaves or flowers, as this could damage them more. Apply the pesticide on the soil. Wave goodbye to any pests!

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  • Make sure you keep African Violets away from places where there are strong air drafts.