How To Care For Creeping Plants Throughout The Year

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Care For Creeping Plants Throughout The Year

Plants bring life to our homes, gardens and patios, but their beauty depends largely on the care that we give them. Creeping plants, of which there are many varieties, are easy to keep and very decorative. All plants have the same basic needs and most will prove easy to look after, but creeping plants do require some special care. In OneHowTo we explain how to care for a creeping plant.

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Steps to follow:

It is imperative that you take on the responsible for guiding the growth of the creeping plant, so you must think carefully about where you want to place it and what space you want it to occupy. Although it may seem obvious, be careful and do not allow it to grow covering a door or window. Wires and branches will be of great help to direct your climbing plant.


In winter all plants require some special care. Be sure to properly attach the plant or fence to wall so that the wind does not throw it over. Furthermore, with respect to the cold, if temperatures drop very low to some varieties might require covering. If you follow these recommendations on how to care for a creeping plant it will last all winter without problems.


In summer we must be wary of high temperatures. Bear in mind that the plant itself is directed towards the sun and you will need to take care that it does not burn. If it is very hot spray water on their branches to refresh these but do not so so in excess so to avoid drowning. To have it look perfect in summer, we recommend that you water your creeping plant in the morning, thus it will remain wet during part of the day and will better withstand the heat.


With respect to spring, we must remember that this is the time when there are most pests, so you have to be very careful to avoid these. It is worth carrying out home remedies to avoid our creeping plant suffering a plague. This is the season of pruning and, therefore, the time to shape your plant. Think about how you want to continue its growth. Take the opportunity to get rid of the bits you don't want and tidy it up.


In autumn you should add fertiliser to help it withstand the harsh winter. Also during this season reduce watering in both frequency and volume.

As you can seen, the care of a creeping plant is not far from that of a normal plant; the most important element is that you help it grow in the right direction.

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How To Care For Creeping Plants Throughout The Year
How To Care For Creeping Plants Throughout The Year

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