How to care for geraniums

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to care for geraniums

One of the most common flower in gardens and balconies is the geranium, which gives life to any corner with its colours. It is a resistant plant, that can even handle high temperatures, and is very easy to care for. You can combine different species and varieties of geraniums to achieve a spectacular results and fill your home with colour. So you are left with no doubts, in this OneHowTo article how to care for geraniums.

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Steps to follow:


First, you should be aware that geraniums need lots of sunlight to grow strong. Thus, we suggest to place them in a sunny area your garden or terrace or, if you have them indoors, close to windows.


It is a plant that blooms in summer, so you must take good care of its water supply during this season; while in winter watering frequency should be much lower, especially in cold weather.


We also recommend using a heavy substrate which retains moisture well and to set up a good drainage system in the pot to prevent water from pooling.


In spring you should prune your geraniums generously for them to grow strong and healthy flowers. You will have to pull off dry and dead leaves from the junction with the stem.


Likewise, you should fertilise these flowers often, especially during flowering; you can use specific liquid fertilizer for geraniums or a generic fertiliser.


You do not need to spray their flowers and leaves because they have a velvety touch and water can spoil them. To clean, you can use a soft cloth or duster.


You should pay particular attention to the pests that can affect geraniums, such as geranium butterflies, white flies or other common pest.

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How to care for geraniums