How to care for peppermint

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to care for peppermint

Planting peppermint or mint at home allows to have at it to hand when you need it, whether for use in the preparation of recipes, for drinking as an infusion or to make use of any of its the multiple properties of peppermint. If you have already planted this aromatic plant in your home, you should consult this OneHowTo article on how to care for peppermint to have it always in top condition.

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Steps to follow:


Among the care that peppermint requires it is essential to choose correctly where to place the plant for it to grow strong and healthy. This aromatic plant needs to receive plenty of sunlight, so you should find a sunny or partially shady spot in your garden or place it in a room with natural light indoors.


Peppermint also requires abundant irrigation, so you must be careful to ensure it does not lack moisture. However, you should never over water the plant because the roots will rot and the plant will drown. So you can opt for watering daily, especially during the summer, but adding only small amounts of water.


This medicinal herb is capable of adapting to a wide variety of climates, even so the ideal temperatures for growth is between 15 and 30 ° C. In winter it will be important to protect the peppermint plant to prevent deterioration due to frost.


Peppermint is a perennial plant, so it will have leaves all year. Also, pick off manually the dry shoots and cut the edges of the stems, you will make young branches grow stronger.


In spring, you should add fertilizer or compost to the substrate of the peppermint plant to get healthier stems which are not affected by pest. However, note that too much fertilizer may attract pests. The insects that attack this plant are most commonly aphids and white flies.


When collecting peppermint leaves to exploit them in for any of its many uses, we can cut the stems throughout the year for use either fresh or allow them to dry.

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Noelia Miranda
I bought some peppermint leave at a farmers market what can i do so the leave don't go bad.
OneHowTo Editor
Follow all of the advice given in this article in order to help it live in good conditions.
Hope this helps
How to care for peppermint