How to Change the Rubber in a Refrigerator

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Change the Rubber in a Refrigerator

The part of the refrigerator that becomes most damaged is the rubber on the door that ensures the fridge is properly sealed and kept cool. Typically, this rubber can deteriorate and cause the refrigerator to warm up, leading to food wastage. Here at OneHowTo we explain how to change the rubber in a refrigerator so it stays as cold as the first day you bought it.

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Steps to follow:

Maybe your food is starting to smell or go off. Perhaps your food doesn't seem cold enough. These are signs that you need to change the rubber in your fridge door. This is sometimes called a gasket. If you notice that it's time to change the gasket on your fridge, you first step to replacing it is to see if these are fastened with screws or if they remain embedded between the door and the inside. If you find yourself faced with the second situation, it may be necessary to have to change the door entirely. Pay attention to how they are integrated!


However, if the rubber is fastened with screws, the first thing to do is to unscrew all the rubber from the refrigerator using a crew driver.


Using a tape measure, take the exact measurements of the rubber spanning the edges of the door. It's important that these measurements are precise because even if they are slightly short or long they will need alterations.

Then, go to the official distributor with your measurements to find proper replacements. To avoid any errors, it's a good idea that you take the old rubber with you or simply inform the specialist of the appliance model (the company will have a record of the size of the rubber for that model).


Once you have the new materials, screw the rubber into the refrigerator again, being careful not to put too much pressure when manoeuvring them. After learning how to change the rubber in a refrigerator, you just need to practice and keep your refrigerator in perfect condition. Keep an eye out for mold on the rubber, as this will deteriorate it and can make your refrigerator unhygienic. To clean the mold, we suggest using bleach and water to scrub it with a small brush or toothbrush.

If some of you food went bad and your refrigerator started to smell as a result of the old rubber not closing the door properly, you might be interested in this OneHowTo article on how to clean a refrigerator that smells and how to remove a foul odour from the refrigerator.


Moreover, you should that maintaining your home appliances has a direct effect on your electricity bills and, of course, on the environment. If your refrigerator does not close properly, not only will your food spoil more quickly, but you will also be using unnecessary ? and costly ? energy.

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How to Change the Rubber in a Refrigerator
How to Change the Rubber in a Refrigerator

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