How to Clean a Clogged Dryer Vent

How to Clean a Clogged Dryer Vent

Most households rely on a clothes dryer to get their chores done quickly and easily. But this useful appliance can become a potential fire hazard if you don’t clean it properly and regularly. According to a report, 85% of fires start from clogged dryer vents only, resulting in massive deaths and injuries. Clogged dryer vents may also send poisonous gas fumes back into the home, which may result in deteriorated health conditions of the family members. Here at, we are going to tell you how to clean a clogged dryer vent.

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When to clean a dryer vent

Here are few signs that may indicate that your dryer vent needs cleaning:

· Drying cycle taking longer to complete, and clothes still coming out moist and hot

· Clothes coming out excessively hot to touch

· Burning odor when you run the dryer

· Lint or debris around the dryer hose

· Duct hood not opening properly

Steps to clean a clogged dryer vent

If you want to know how to clean a clogged dryer vent you should follow these steps carefully:

· Unplug the dryer, and turn off its gas, if it is a gas operated dryer.

· Remove the lint trap, and remove lint, if any, on the screen.

· Take a brush that you use to clean the coils under your refrigerator. Bend this brush and let it go inside your lint trap. Use vacuum to suck any dirt or lint that the brush must have loosened.

· Pull away the dryer from the wall, and disconnect any exhaust duct tube from the dryer and the wall. If it is a ring type with two prongs, it can be easily loosened by squeezing the prongs together. The second type can be loosened by using a screwdriver.

· Slide off the exhaust tube and the port from the dryer, and then use vacuum to clean both the wall ports and the dryer, and also the dryer exhaust tube.

· If you have a vinyl tube, it is better to replace it and get a new foil style one. Vinyl tubes are more prone to catch fires. Even if you have a foil style tube, you need to replace it, if it can’t be cleaned.

· Once you have pulled out the dryer, vacuum off back of the washer, the dryer, and also the wall behind them. Remove as much lint as you can from the entire laundry room, as a lint-free room is much safer than the one that has lint in it.

· Re-attach the tube to the dryer and the wall, and gently push it back towards the wall, and you are done with the clogged dryer vent cleaning.

Steps to clean a clogged dryer vent
Source: Frederick Md

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How to Clean a Clogged Dryer Vent
Source: Frederick Md
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How to Clean a Clogged Dryer Vent
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