How To Clean A Lampshade - Fabric, Parchment & Plastic

How To Clean A Lampshade - Fabric, Parchment & Plastic

Lamps are an essential part of the home but, to keep them in good condition, they need to be cleaned regularly as they quickly gather a layer of dust and dirt. The lampshades in particular attract a lot of dust and are often neglected as part of the weekly clean. Follow our top tips on how to keep them looking spick-and-span. Here at, we'll explain how to clean a lampshade, according to the type of material.

Steps to follow:

To begin with it's important that you take into account that you should clean your lampshade superficially quite often if you want to prevent a build up of dust and dirt.

Two or three times a week you can use a duster to stop any particles from adhering to the surface and avoid them sticking to it.


You could also clean a lampshade by applying some bicarbonate of soda and wiping the lampshade with a brush. This will help to remove debris that clings to the lampshade. You can perform this process twice a month to prevent dirt from accumulating.


For plastic lampshades that have accumulated dirt and grease during time, there's a quick trick for cleaning it and leaving it looking brand new. Take the lampshade off and dip it in a mixture of warm water, a squirt of ammonia and a little washing up liquid. Leave it to soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water and dry well with a lint-free cloth.


Lampshades made from parchment are usually very delicate, so it is important to clean them frequently with a duster. But if it is very dirty, mix some water with a splash of white vinegar to clean it. Dip a clean cloth in this mixture and use it to gently wipe the lamp to remove any excess dirt.

Remember that it is paper so make sure the cloth isn't too wet. Then let it dry without touching it.


Lampshades made from fabric can be kept in good condition if you pass a hoover over them a couple of days a week, to prevent a build up of dust. However, if it is very dirty, it's best to clean it when dry using a specialized product found on the market.

Apply the product and rub gently with a soft brush for best results. If you don't have any and your lampshade is stitched together you can put it in the bathtub with lukewarm water and some mild soap to rinse off the dirt. Do not do this if it is glued together.

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