How To Clean A Neoprene Wetsuit

How To Clean A Neoprene Wetsuit
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Divers and surfers enjoy their lives in the water, and they generally wear neoprene wetsuits to best protect them when they are in the water. It is important that these wet suits are well taken care of and kept clean to prevent them from developing unpleasant odours. oneHOWTO has put together a short guide on neoprene wetsuit care, where we explain the best ways to clean your neoprene wetsuit to make sure it stays fresh and in the best condition.

Give It a Full Rinse

Once you have finished surfing taken your wet suit off, it is always important to give it a good rinse as soon as possible. Wetsuits should be rinsed off immediately after use with fresh water. This will get any residue from the ocean off of your wet suit. If you do not rinse the salt water off of your wet suit, it could cause it to build up and could ruin it. It can also cause your wet suit to stink! This is the most important step!

Soak in some soap and water

After you have given your wetsuit a good rinse, it is a great idea to soak it in some soap and water. Make sure that you use warm water and some baby shampoo works really well. Let it soak for about 15 minutes.

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Drying out your wetsuit properly

After you have allowed your wetsuit to soak for about 15 minutes, it is now time to hang it up to dry. There are wetsuit hangers that you can buy to insure that you will allow it to dry properly. If you do not have a proper hanger, simply use a plastic hanger, but try to ensure that all parts of the suit have a good airflow so that every part of the wetsuit is allowed to dry out.

Avoid hanging it out in the sun because that will dry out the wet suit completely and damage the neoprene.

How to take good care of your neoprene wetsuit

You should always make sure that your neoprene wetsuit is taken care of properly. If you follow all of these steps, you can be sure to keep your wetsuit smelling fresh. Remember how important it is to take good care of your wetsuit, and be careful how you store it, as sharp objects could damage the neoprene.

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