How to clean smelly shoes

How to clean smelly shoes

Although your shoes are good quality, sometimes it is inevitable that they smell bad or that they get dirty, even on the inside. This can occur due to lack of shoe breathability or because your feet have a tendency to sweat more and smell worse. It is important to keep the inside of our shoes clean to avoid the appearance of fungus, or bacterial infections. If you want to end this torture and keep your shoes perfect and disinfected, follow these tips. On we teach you how to clean your smelly shoes with home remedies.

Steps to follow:

Before disinfecting the inside of the shoe, clean the outside well. Use a soft, dry cloth or a special brush. Remember, if the shoe has laces, take them off.


Put bicarbonate of soda inside the shoe and shake. Thus, the bicarbonate coats the entire inside of the shoe.


Leave the shoe to stand overnight. When the necessary time is up, remove the bicarbonate of soda from inside the shoe by shaking it.


Another home remedy to get rid of shoe odour is to clean the inside with a damp cloth and a little detergent. Try not to over wet shoe, it may deteriorate.


You can also spray the inside of the shoe with alcohol. When it has dried repeat a few times and then leave to dry in a warm place. It is recommended to carry out this process at least once a week.

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  • If you have bags of bicarbonate, you can place them within the shoe at night. You will eliminate odours.
  • Before wearing your shoes, put on foot powder. This will help prevent odour from occurring.
  • Do not apply alcohol to leather shoes. You can replace alcohol by antibacterial powders after each use.