How To Clean The Inside Of A Washing Machine

How To Clean The Inside Of A Washing Machine

One might think that there is no need to clean a washing machine as their function is to put dirty clothes in and take them out clean, right?

It turns out that washing machines do this work very well but, over time, humidity, fluff from clothing, soap scum and many other factors make the interior of the washing machine a place where mold, dirt and stains start to build up and reduce the functional life of the appliance. In fact, such dirty conditions can sometimes lead to linens being stained.

That is why I will give you some tips on how to clean the inside of the washing machine. It is easy!

Things you will need

There are 2 types of washing machines (front loading and top loading) and each has a different procedure. However, for both you'll need the following ingredients.

  • 2 cups white vinegar.
  • 100 grams of baking powder.
  • A pair of clean rags.

Cleaning the inside of the washing machines according to type

If we have a front-loading washer, we must add the white vinegar in the soap compartment (see picture).

If you have a top-loading washing machine, add the vinegar once the wash cycle has started (i.e., when the drum has water).

In both cases we choose the longest cycle with the highest possible temperature.

Inside washing process

After 5 minutes of washing we must pause the cycle, open the lid and add the baking powder. Then continue with the wash cycle. You can use the cycle time to clean the outside of the washing machine. Finally, when the cycle is done, clean the inside with a cloth to remove any residues.

Vinegar and baking powder are excellent cleaners in hot water and will clean out the inside of the washing machine as well as the pipes, the drum and the rubber finishes of the appliance.

Tips and recommendations

Now you only need to run 2 empty wash cycles (without clothes) or use these washes to clean unimportant items which can be left a little dirty, perhaps some old towels or cloths, things like that.

It is advisable to clean the washing machine using this procedure every 6 months approximately.

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