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How to clean tile joints - Tips and suggestions

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to clean tile joints - Tips and suggestions

Thanks to moisture, grease and dirt that accumulate over time tile joints become dirty, losing their whiteness and taking away the neat appearance of our homes. Therefore it is important to clean them so to restore their cleanliness and make them look like new. In we give some tricks and suggestions to clean joints without spending too much money.

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Steps to follow:


Hydrochloric acid is of great use to clean domestic tile joints and leave them white and looking perfect. You only need to dampen a cloth, brush or mop with this liquid (without mixing with any other product) and thoroughly rub it over the joints. You will see them turn clean and bright again.


Another trick to clean joints comprises mixing bleach and water and using this liquid to clean this part of the tiles. You can do this using a rag or brush, just ensure you take precautions and wear light colours while cleaning to avoid the bleach damaging any fabrics.


The mixture of potassium hydroxide in water is also an effective solution to clean tile joints. You must add three parts water to one of potassium to get the right mix. Rub it on the joints and enjoy the results.


A trick to clean joints which is fantastic and cheap is to mix water with ammonia, this creates a very effective cleaner.

In addition you can also use a steam cleaner that not only works effectively on carpets and blinds but will also clean the joints between tiles.

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Finally you can opt for the commercial products sold to whiten the joints, but before using them you should do a deep clean because as they only whiten the tile joints but do not remove the dirt that is in them.

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How to clean tile joints - Tips and suggestions