How to Clean With a Steam Cleaner

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Clean With a Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is an appliance used toclean any corner of the house with steam, even the most difficult areas. It is easy to use thanks to its design, and it is highly efficient thanks to its technology. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly because no chemicals are used. Its main advantage is that not only does it clean, but it also disinfects and purifies the air.

If you have not tried this method yet because you don't really know how it works, let OneHowTo explain how to clean with a steam cleaner. Discover a new way to remove dirt and germs from your home.

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Steps to follow:

There are two types of steam cleaners:

  • Cold steam cleaners: These steam cleaners create steam without boiling water. The steam is cold and very humid, so they need to be refilled continuously.
  • Dry steam cleaners: Steam generated by these steam cleaners is created by boiling water, and its temperature reaches over 260° C. It generates very little moisture, so the result in the environment will change a lot from one to another.

Dry steam cleaners are better because they kill germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. They disinfect and purify the air and eliminate odors.

In addition, by not letting moisture into the air, surfaces dry much faster. Dry steam cleaners are ideal for people with asthma or dust allergies.

How to Clean With a Steam Cleaner - Step 2

When choosing the best steam cleaner, make sure you know well how each of the components work. On the market you can find them at different prices, depending on your needs.

You can expect to spend from 40 to 700$, depending on the characteristics of each machine, the type of accessories that it has and whether they use cold or hot steam. Do some research online and check local stores.


Thanks to the design of the steam cleaners they can be used to clean the most inaccessible of corners or those harder-to-clean objects like mattresses, curtains, draperies, pillows or lamps. Just pass the steam nozzle over them to clean and disinfect. Done!


You can use a steam cleaner to clean surfaces that are not properly finished by hand, such as as steel, an oven or a hob. Passing a jet of hot steam will leave these surfaces sparkling clean. The same applies to the floor - those that are porous or are difficult to clean can be sorted with a steam cleaner. The good thing about steam cleaners is that they are useful for all kinds of floors.

Moreover, in this OneHowTo article, you'll find tricks to clean hobs on a cooker to leave your kitchen lovely and sparkling clean.

How to Clean With a Steam Cleaner - Step 5

After three applications of the steam cleaner, it should be cleaned carefully to prevent it from clogging up. To do this, empty the water tank and clean it using anti-scale products to leave the machine in perfect condition and ready for its next use.


This is how to clean with a steam cleaner - there are so many different models and varieties that you'll surely find one that fits your needs.

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How to Clean With a Steam Cleaner
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How to Clean With a Steam Cleaner

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