How to clean with vinegar

How to clean with vinegar

Vinegar is a natural product which has infinite properties, among which powerful effects on the body and a potent cleaner. That is why it is convenient to have at home for use as a substitute to clean a lot of surfaces and items in the house, as its economic and ecological. If you want to know more about How to cleaning with vinegar, do not miss this OneHowTo article.

How to clean glass with vinegar

One of the applications of vinegar as a surface cleaner is using it to brighten the windows and glass. To do this, you just have to dilute the vinegar with water and spray some on the glass to clean it, so it will be very practical to have a spray bottle or aerosol dispenser. For the result to be even more effective, you can choose to use vinegar with warm or hot water and watch dirt disappear quickly.


How to descale with vinegar

It is also possible to clean taps with vinegar, since this powerful natural cleaner has properties to undo the remains that hard water leaves behind in the taps, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore, you should warm up a little white vinegar and dip a cotton cloth in it to clean the tap surface. Then you just have to rinse it with a little water. We suggest you read more in our article on how to clean the kitchen taps to achieve unique results.

How to clean coffee machines with vinegar

Related to the above use, you can also use vinegar to descale and cleaning coffee machines, especially the Italian ones. To do this, you have to fill up the pot with one part vinegar to two parts water and fit the coffee like you're making coffee, without the coffee. Then you must turn on the heat and let the water rise so as to clean all the internal passages of the brewer. You need to repeat the procedure several times in order to rinse the coffee.

How to clean wood with vinegar

Cleaning wood with vinegar is another application of this natural product becoming a household cleaner. Therefore, you can use it to clean wood floors and other surfaces of this material. You just have to dilute the vinegar in water and apply it directly. You'll see how the wood is clean and shines with very little cost.

How to wash the dishes with vinegar

Among the uses of vinegar in the kitchen, we also find the option of washing the dishes with vinegar and completely eliminating food debris. You can use it in place of your regular dishwasher soap, as well as mixing it with hot water and letting pans and dishes soak for a while to soften the dirt.

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