How To Decorate A Bathroom With Recycled Materials

How To Decorate A Bathroom With Recycled Materials

Recycled decor is more fashionable than ever, and its good for the planet too. Reusing and re-purposing old objects and give them a new use is a great way to save on decorating your bathroom and you'll have a unique look with a Vintage or industrial touch. To decorate your bathroom you can take advantage of some old objects and recycle the materials or just re-use them in a new way: old ladders, fruit boxes, kitchen utensils and old containers can become very useful and original decorative items.

So keep reading this OneHowTo article as we show you some ideas about how to decorate a bathroom with recycled objects so you can decorate your home without spending much money and still achieve beautiful results. Go on, give it a go!

Bathroom Racks Made of Recycled Objects

Change the towel rack in your bathroom for a DIY recycled towel rack! It is very easy to do and the result is original. You just have to get a rectangular piece of wood that you can stick to the wall and nail it in so that it can support the weight of a towel. Then you can use for example, utensils from the kitchen (forks, spoons or knives) or anything that will work as a hook and glue it to the wood. voila, you have made a towel rack!

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Bathroom Cabinet Made Out of a Recycled Box

Furniture on the wall always works very well in bathrooms. These are usually used to store cosmetics for everyday use such as deodorant, cologne, moisturiser, etc.. For a bathroom cabinet, you can go to the corner grocery store and ask for one of the wooden boxes where fruit is stored (wooden boxes where you usually store bottles of wine also work well).

Paint this case and give it a coat of varnish, you'll have rustic and very environmentally friendly furniture in your bathroom, ready for use. Don't they look amazing?


Make a Towel Rack Using a Recycled Ladder

Would you like to have an original and environmentally-friendly towel rack in your bathroom? You just need to use that old ladder that you have hidden away somewhere at home. Place the ladder in a corner of the bathroom and you'll hang the towels there, giving the room a touch of Vintage style. If the ladder is very old or dirty, you can paint it the way you like so it goes well with the tone of your beautiful bathroom.

If your ladder is strong enough, rather than a simple towel storage unit, you can turn it into an original decorative piece of furniture in which you can store towels, bath gels and even put out some decorations that give a chic touch to your bathroom.


Bathroom Containers Made Using Recycled Cans

To know how to decorate a bathroom with recycled products, you should pay attention to the many objects that you use and then do not give them any use; for example metallic cans or glass jars.

You can recycle them and use them as containers for various bath items: toothbrushes, soap or dried flowers to decorate your home, making this space a very elegant and environmentally friendly place.


More Decorating Ideas With Recycled Materials

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