How to decorate a garden with waste material

How to decorate a garden with waste material

Do you want to decorate your garden but don't know how? We suggest that you forget about going to the hobby store and look for old objects around your home instead. Just use a little imagination and you can decorate your garden with waste material.

From old tires to broken light bulbs, at OneHowTo we show you how to decorate gardens with waste material and reuse old and forgotten objects in your house. Try out these ideas!

Recycle aluminium cans to decorate

Regular metal cans are perfect to reuse in the garden. One popular thing to do is transform these objects into fun planters to hold flowers or plants.

First, pierce the base of the aluminium can to ensure water can drain: you can do this with a drill or a nail and hammer. Now you're ready to turn it into a planter, but first to make it look better, we recommend that you paint it with bright colours or draw on it using the garden for inspiration: flowers, leaves, bees, etc.

If you're not very good at drawing, you can buy some stickers and stick them on the recycled aluminium cans. You can also leave them plain and rather opt for planting differently coloured flowers in them which will give a cheerful touch to your garden.

Another idea is to create outdoor hanging lanterns with cans to light up your garden on warm summer nights to create the perfect atmosphere.


Decorating with pallets

Pallets are widely used to make recycled furniture such as sofas, coffee tables or shelves. These materials are also optimal for use in gardens because the wooden structures fit perfectly in exterior decoration.

To know how to decorate gardens with recycled items using pallets, keep in mind that the versatility of this object makes it perfect for creating an outdoor table, couch or chair. In this article we explain how to make furniture using pallets which you should read if you're a recycling fanatic.


Decorating with tires

This is another option for decorating gardens with recycled items, because old tires can be used for many things, just let your imagination run wild.

You can use tires as swings for children, but at OneHowTo we suggest you go further and recycle them to make flower pots covered with nice fabrics.

Tip: if you want to give a more fun and cheerful touch to your garden, you can paint the tires with different colours or draw moons, flowers etc. on them.

For more free decoration tips check our article on how to decorate your house for free.


Reuse old ladders

Old ladders that are broken or are no longer stable can also be reused for a vintage touch in your garden. The idea is to put them in a corner and use them like a shelf. Fill the rungs with pots, photographs, old books or candles. If you need more information we recommend you read our article on how to make a plant stand with a ladder.

The atmosphere this recycled object provides is of vintage decor, creating a perfect intimate and old space for lovers of this style.


Decorate with wellies

If you have kids you probably have a lot of wellies lying around from when they were younger. These boots which usually have bright colours and fun designs never go out of style. Another idea for how to decorate gardens with recycled items is to reuse old wellies and make them into planters.

To filter the water from these new planters, pierce the bottom of the boot so they can drain properly. If you prefer not to break them, you can choose to fill them with dried plants that will give your garden a romantic touch.


More recycling ideas

At OneHowTo we want to help you decorate with waste material, so here are some more suggestions on decorating with recycled items:

  • Recycle glass bottles
  • Recycle vinyl records
  • Reusing plastic bottles

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