How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: November 10, 2019
How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table

A coffee table is a low table that people usually put in front of couches or seats to place down books, magazines, beverages and other useful items. Coffee tables are frequently found in sitting rooms and living rooms. Some coffee tables incorporate drawers, cabinets and shelves for storage. There are a huge variety of materials, shapes, designs and coffee table sizes to choose from.

In this oneHOWTO article, we will be talking specifically about round coffee tables. These tables are stylish, contemporary and useful. But the trick is to know how to decorate a round coffee table. How much is too much? for example, here we will give you some great ideas on how you can decorate your round coffee table.

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Decorating a round coffee table

While decorating a round coffee table, many people suggest grouping objects into a triangular shape. Doing this will fill the table with dimension and make it look interesting.

You can start by creating a focal point on your table, such as a vase full of greenery or flowers. You can then break the shapes by adding books, trays or other such items on the table. After that, you can try to add layers of other textured accessories, such as bowls, beads etc. Fill any leftover empty spaces with other interesting objects. If your round coffee table has a bottom shelf, you can fill it up with objects big enough to give a nice base to your table.

Divide your coffee table into two

Another trick is to divide the tabletop into two parts and decorate each of them separately. On one part, you can display a couple of magazines and a few thick pillar candles on their top. You may complement the part with a vase with flowers in it. On the other side, you can place some sleeker candles and complement them with a smaller vase with flower buds. This kind of dividing and decorating strategy will give a relaxed atmosphere to your coffee table decoration.

How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table - Divide your coffee table into two

Place your coffee table off centre

While it’s easy and simple to place a single item on the dead center of a round coffee table, placing it on one side of the table away from the center can also look interesting. You can position one big object, like a tray or a vase, on one side of the table and balance the other part by placing other smaller objects onto it. Although this kind of off-center positioning of objects is not expected, it looks great and catches the eye instantly.

How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table - Place your coffee table off centre

Must Have Items for a Round Coffee Table

Most importantly, a round coffee table will look especially aesthetically pleasing if other furniture pieces in your room have straight lines, such as your sofa or chairs. If you decide to lay a carpet beneath the round coffee table, we suggest choosing a rectangular or square carpet shape.

For more, here is a list of items that look good on a round coffee table, and make it more functional and usable:

  • A tray: A tray is a very important part of a coffee table, because it can be easily removed when you want some space on the table. For a round coffee table, we suggest choosing a rectangular or square tray. A round tray on a round table isn't as visually appealing. While choosing your tray, make sure that it is big enough to accommodate all the items you need for styling your table.
  • Books: Your coffee table is the perfect place to add your favorite books. Even if you are not a book lover, you can display a couple of books to make the coffee table look more interesting and sophisticated. The rectangular shape of books will perfectly balance the round shape of your coffee table. Visit a nearby book store and choose a couple of books that have really good color and size. A book with an eye-catching spine will definitely add a nice pattern to an otherwise boring coffee table. In addition to being the right size, color and design, it should compliment the rest of your room.
  • A box: Adding a little square or rectangular box onto your round coffee table is a good idea to give some space for secret storage. Boxes prove to be great additions to coffee tables, as they can hide things secretly. If you have got a bigger size box, you can use it to keep your remotes hidden, and still handy.
  • Coasters: Coasters are great to keep your coffee table safe from water damage. Hot and cold glasses and cups tend to sweat and stain rings onTO the table. That’s why it is helpful to use a set of coasters on your coffee table. If you want everyone to keep your coffee table clean, then style it with some cute coasters. While coasters will be kept handy at the coffee table, no one will have trouble using them.
  • Vase and flowers: A vase of flowers, whether fresh or artificial, are a good idea when styling a round coffee table. Flowers brighten up a room and add a kind of freshness to your coffee table. A beautifully designed vase with different color flowers would be a great addition to your round coffee table. You may also complete the look by adding some artificial greenery. If your coffee table is low, a long vase would add height to it and also bring some freshness and color to the environment.
  • Candles: Candles are also great objects to add to a round coffee table. Round thick candles placed on top of a rectangular book or tray proves to make for great decoration. In addition, they are extremely functional pieces.

Once you are done with decorating your round coffee table, walk around the table and observe it from different angles. If it looks incomplete or over-loaded, feel free to add or subtract some items to make it look more balanced.

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How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table
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How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table

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