How to Decorate a Small Patio

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Decorate a Small Patio

The advantage of small rooms is that they are more intimate and easier to clean. The downside is that the lack of space can place a limit on our decoration and creativity. Or perhaps not? Discover some good tricks to furnish outdoor areas so even if you don't have much space you can still have a nice place to rest outdoors. In OneHowTo we explain how to decorate a small patio. Decorate and enjoy!

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The best colours

Colours are a very important detail to keep in mind when decorating a small patio. While soft colours like pastel and white help to gain space and light in our environments, strong colours make the space look smaller. Therefore, choose soft colours that will reflect light and make your patio seem bigger.

How to Decorate a Small Patio - The best colours


When decorating a small patio you also have to use the available space very well. In this sense, we have to think about the shape of our space to distribute all the furniture and accessories correctly. And as it is a small courtyard in OneHowTo we advise you not to overdo it by placing too many accessories and instead choose functional, practical and ergonomic furniture. But if you have room, do not forget important accessories in outside areas such as the barbecue and a parasol.

How to Decorate a Small Patio - Furniture

A style to decorate

The decorative style for outdoor patios is another pending matter. Already know what you want? Being a courtyard, our advice is to opt for a chill out environment to achieve a relaxing, cosy and intimate decor. So do not forget the candles and cushions, they have great importance in this style. Although another good idea may be a minimalist decor which is perfect for small spaces.

How to Decorate a Small Patio - A style to decorate

Plants and flowers

Although we do not have much space, another element that should not be missed in your outdoor spaces are plants and flowers. Choose the right ones depending on the time of year, but be sure also to combine these with the rest of the outdoor patio decoration.

How to Decorate a Small Patio - Plants and flowers


With regard to materials, wood is a great choice for decorating, both for its elegance and versatility. You can choose rustic wooden or wood with a more contemporary feel, although forging, rattan and wicker are also good choices for decorating outdoor patios. Remember that some materials such as wood can need some protective treatment to resist rain and sunshine better. Apply these products on your furniture, you will find these without problems in your DIY store.

Illuminate outdoor patios

And when night falls, do not forget to illuminate the courtyard with the right accessories. Candles give a personal touch, hidden spot lights between the lawn, table lamps, lanterns... The important thing is to not forget to distribute the light properly and to make sure that no areas remain without lighting or with uncomfortable shadows.

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How to Decorate a Small Patio - Illuminate outdoor patios

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How to Decorate a Small Patio
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How to Decorate a Small Patio

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