How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors

Vintage, geometric, baroque, modern, original, single, multiple... Mirrors have become decorative elements that can bring light and space to many areas of your home. Originally they were symbols of beauty and magic as they were able to reflect reality. Today, thanks to industrial developments which have revolutionized interior design, there are many mirror designs available on the market. Discover a world of decorative possibilities in This time you will learn how to decorate a wall with mirrors. Take note and transform domestic spaces with just a little creativity and style.

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Mirrored walls: large format

Currently, in the world of decoration, there is a trend for large format mirrors to dress walls. This is one of the most aesthetic ways to add greater breadth and beauty to your home. To do this you need XL sized mirrors, these have great potential. Try to hang it on an empty wall or support it on the floor. Choose an old silver coated frame or if you want a rustic touch opt for a nice wooden frame. Large mirrors are attractive and will provide elegance to any room. They are ideal for halls, bedrooms or living rooms.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Mirrored walls: large format

Mirrored walls: living / dining room

One of the areas where it has become fashionable to decorate with mirrors is in the living room, as these items provide personality and elegance. We recommend placing a mirror behind the sofa, either mounted on the wall or leaning against it. You can opt for a large classical piece or break the harmony style and place a set of mirrors (two mirrors, a grid set, etc...).

Furthermore, one of the grander areas of the house is the dining room and you can enhance this feeling with a nice mirror that will be elegant and give personality. This is one of the most typical uses of mirror in interior design, but still remains a strong favorite. Attach the mirror to the dining room wall, either on the side or just behind the head of the table. It will look perfect!

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Mirrored walls: living / dining room

Mirrored walls: room

Square, round, rectangular, multiple, retro, vintage, modern... there are many options to decorate the headboard of the bed with a mirror! If you want to give a special and distinctive touch to your room this wall is perfect. You can also put it on the opposite wall for a more exotic or romantic touch. Play with different styles and look for what suits your room best. The wall and the mirror will do the rest.

If you have a dressing table in your room you can not miss out on an attractive and functional mirror. If you only want some subtle decoration for this room you can use a small mirror, placing it on the wall behind the dresser or on one of the bedside tables is a good option. You will give your room a classic touch which is welcoming and lovely. And if what you want is a creative option, read our article about how to make mirrors from tennis rackets.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Mirrored walls: room

Mirrored walls: entrance

The entrance hall of your home is one of the areas where mirrors are often placed. Firstly because it is a very functional location as you can have a quick check that you look good before leaving home but mirrors in entrance areas are also very aesthetic and beautiful. Whether classic or modern, the mirror will be the perfect complement to welcome us home. It will look great!

However, you should be careful not to place a mirror in front of the door, as it is recommended in mirror positioning in Feng Shui.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Mirrored walls: entrance

Mirrored walls: bathroom

The bathroom is the mirrors top space. That is where it reaches its maximum expression of functionality. Applying make up, shaving, combing your hair... what a lot of things we do in front of a mirror to make ourselves look great! However, thanks to the interior design and decorative industry revolution you can make the most of this key item. Opt for a classic or modern mirror with integrated lights. It can be small or large; simple or baroque; single or two-piece, according to the distribution of your bathroom. Be creative and get the full potential out of your bathroom mirror.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Mirrored walls: bathroom

Mirrored walls: kitchen

It is not very common to find a mirror in the kitchen, but this is not a bad option and is becoming increasingly fashionable. Give your décor a 360 degrees twist and and add some fun mirror to the walls in this room. It will be spectacular to set a mirror along the wall that runs along the back of the work surface and cooker. And if you have an island in the kitchen, incorporate to one of its outer sides a wonderful mirror. Just remember that in the the kitchen any old mirror will not do. It must have special cladding to withstand the temperatures reached while cooking.

Search for your mirror, with some imagination and desire you can make your home décor more personal and spectacular.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Mirrored walls: kitchen

Combining mirrors as a decorative piece

Nowadays it's becoming more and more popular to arrange several mirrors on the wall for decoration purposes. The trick is to create compositions with different sized mirrors and combine them to create a geometrical pattern. Imagination is key, though it's important to choose mirrors in the same style, so if you're going for a vintage look, choose old mirrors in different sizes and, if you like, you can paint them in a certain color to give it a more modern vibe. You can also create a composition with round mirrors to give your room more volume.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors - Combining mirrors as a decorative piece

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How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors
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