How to Decorate a Wall with Vinyl Stickers

How to Decorate a Wall with Vinyl Stickers

When it comes to decorating walls in your home, you can use a multitude of techniques and ideas, such as more classic ideas using paint or wallpaper, or the most innovative using stickers. These are decorative adhesives that you can place directly onto a wall or onto other smooth surfaces such as glass, tiles, doors, etc. They offer a lot of choice and can be adapted to any room, so this OneHowTo explains how to decorate a wall with VINYL stickers.

Steps to follow:

First of all, we should say that vinyl stickers are adhesives that you can fix onto the wall yourself or any surface you choose, because they are not complicated and don't require any special application techniques. You just need to pay special attention with those that are more detailed, so you don't tear them or mess it up. Just follow the instructions on the package carefully.


It's important you choose wall vinyl stickers in accordance with:

- What type of room it is: bedroom, dining room, kitchen...

- Colour of the walls and furniture.

- Style of decoration: classic, modern, minimalist, rustic, etc.

- Age and personality of the person.


You can apply them onto walls and clear surfaces, or combine them with other elements that play a part in the creation of a composition, such as with shelves, decorations or a bed.


Children's bedrooms are ideal to decorate with vinyl stickers. Unleash your youngsters' creativity and foster their imagination. Involve your children when choosing wall stickers as they will see them day and night.


You can also choose detailed stickers to use them as a complementary decoration or to add a fun touch to a corner of your home.


In addition to drawings and pictures, you can also choose stickers that contain text to decorate your walls. Similarly, you can create your own customized stickers by drawing your own designs and then ordering them from a specialist company.


You can also decorate your wall with wall stickers that recreate 3D elements and use them as such, for example a coat stand that you can add coat hooks to or a blackboard that you can write on.


One more option is to use vinyl stickers as original frames. Combine different shapes and sizes, leave them empty as original decorations, or stick your favorite pictures in them, the choice is yours!

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