How to Decorate my House with Recycled Materials

How to Decorate my House with Recycled Materials

Creativity is the best ally when remodeling or decorating our home in a unique but affordable way, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. If at home you all think green and you never miss a chance to reuse and recycle, if you want to decorate on a budget, or if you like DIY industrial style for your home, here at oneHOWTO we have prepared an article that you will love.

Discover how to decorate your house with recycled materials in the most amazing and creative ways.

Steps to follow:

Need a coffee table for your living room or bedroom? The most economical solution can be found by using a pallet: You just have to sand it and paint it if you wish.

You can make this table as tall as you want by using pieces of wood for the legs, and you can even incorporate wheels that you can find in any hardware store. It will be the cheapest table you have ever acquired, but still unique and beautiful.

Depending on how you paint it or build it, a low coffee table works perfectly if you want to give your house a Moroccan touch or create Hygge on a budget.


Fruit boxes lend themselves to huge amounts of crafts, furniture and decorative pieces such as this coffee table or for your bedroom with an amazing retro look. The legs can come from a piece of furniture that you no longer use or a piece of furniture that someone else has thrown out. For incredible ideas you can take a look at 5 DIY projects with wood crates.

Buying fruit in crates and then reusing them is a great way to have sustainable eating habits by using eco-friendly containers.


This stunningly and beautiful DIY shelf, to the standard of any decoration shop, was also made with wooden fruit boxes. If you prefer, you can choose to use wine boxes.

You must sand them down and then install them as you like. If you want, you can paint them; as you can see the result is impressive.


If you love to take a bath by candlelight or have a terrace and want to decorate it without spending much money, then keep the glass mason jars of the products you purchase; with a little imagination, some stones and wire they can be turned into beautiful and very cheap DIY candle holders.

Have loads of empty glass bottles? you can also turn them into candle holders by cutting it. It's easier than you may think; oneHOWTO will show you how to cut glass safely at home. You can also use wine bottles as candle holders if you use long ones that fit in the top.

Here are more ideas to decorate with glass bottles.


If you are about to throw out some old furniture, hold it! Make use of old furniture drawers and old doors to decorate your home and use them to showcase photos or as an affordable vintage book shelf. You can also use them to store products, lingerie, place them in your bathroom or wherever you want.

For more free house decoration ideas check our article on how to decorate a house for free.


If you love having plants, you can forget about spending money on pots. You can save cans from canned products, remove the label and immerse them in hot water to remove the glue and residue that may remain. It's best if you can make some holes at the bottom so the water can drain and keep the plant healthy.

Once smooth, paint them any color you fancy - a solid color, in different combinations, with patterns, etc. There is no limit to your creativity! You can also use them as vases, pencil holders, candle holders or even to store kitchen utensils.


Besides making DIY candle holders, glass bottles are also useful as pencil holders for your work space or home office. You can paint them by hand, cover them with pieces of crochet or line them with paper and make your work space look chic and eco-friendly. You can also make a pencil holder with lollie sticks or clothesline pegs.


If you have a framed picture that you no longer want, take out the picture and reuse the frame. You can show off a different picture, some nice fabric, a poster or banner, wall vinyl or whatever you like. Another great idea is to make a jewelry organizer out of it.

You can give a similar use to window frames, as they can be turned into anything from a mirror to a greenhouse. Take a look at the best ideas to decorate your house with window frames.


Have a load of plastic bottles? There are many ways in which you can reuse plastic bottles such as making lamp shades, using them as plant pots or creating a vertical garden and even a magazine rack! The versatility of plastic bottles is great, just make sure you give them a good coat of paint so they suit your home and they don't look too tacky.


You can also use recycled material to create new and original DIY lampshades! The possibilities are many, and you can find many ideas online.

For example, you can make a simple lampshade with old pieces of yarn or wool or even out of glass bottles if you are more crafty. Check out our article on how to make a lampshade with waste material to find out more.


Old boxes are highly versatile and can have more functions apart from boring storage. For example, you can turn your old shoe box into a beautiful towel holder by just adding a nice fabric to it or winding it in some leftover yarn. There are as many ideas as type of boxes there are to decorate your home. You can turn them into decorative shelves, flower pots or even your very own DIY marquee!

Other old stuff can also be re-purposed, take a look at how to decorate with old books.


Another waste material item you can use to decorate your home for free is toilet paper rolls. You may be surprised how well they will look with just a small coat of paint and placed to create the right pattern. One of the most simple is to make a flower by cutting it into strips and sticking them into the right shape. Hang them from the wall to decorate your room, for instance.


To decorate the house with recycled materials you just need a little creativity, craftiness and some time. You will see how the work is worth it - you will have a unique and creative home full of crafts that will leave all your visitors well impressed.


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