How To Decorate Using Recycled Glass Bottles

How To Decorate Using Recycled Glass Bottles

Creating unique spaces with personality and being environmentally friendly is possible with different recycled materials. Glass bottles are everyday objects that, when their use life is over, you can reuse and turn into decorative items like candle holders, vases or containers for the bathroom.

In OneHowTo we give you some ideas so you know how to decorate with glass bottles and turn your home into an ecological space place full of good taste without spending money.

With flowers

To know how to decorate with glass bottles you can pick any container you have glass (soda bottles, wine, etc.) and use them as decorative elements for any corner or the centre of a table.

A good idea is to place one or more flowers inside of the bottle creating an original vase and recycling perfectly for any room of the house; to give a different touch you can choose to paint the bottles with the colour of your room and like this get it to adapt to the style of your home. If you like eclectic décor, you can paint your bottles with different patterns.

In this OneHowTo article we explain how to paint glass bottles so you know all the uses and colours that can apply to these objects.


With candles

Another good idea to know how to decorate with glass bottles is by using them as candlesticks or candle holders. For this use, it is best to reuse wine bottles, those which are greenish, or champagne bottles; this will make the light shed by the candles be more dim and create a more intimate atmosphere.

You can use whole glass bottles and introduce a long candle inside or, if you prefer, you can cut them in half and place the candle underneath, as we show in the picture. Either way, the result is phenomenal.

In OneHowTo we explain how to cut a glass bottle so you can put this recycled decorative item in your home


A very original lamp

Glass bottles can also be recycled into original lamps perfect for seating areas. Ideally, cut the glass bottles in half so you can get the bulbs inside. A glass bottle lamp is perfect for an industrial style home, for example.

Also, you can play with the opacity of the light as a green bottle will give a more tenuous light than a fully transparent one. Choose the one you like and fill your house with recycled decoration.


To display your photos

Another way to decorate with glass bottles is to turn them into new and original photograph frames. To do this you just need to choose from your photo album those snapshots you want to place in the corners of your home and place them in glass jars. The result is original, different and totally environmentally friendly.

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Another idea to know how to decorate with glass bottles is to use them as containers to store things we usually have thrown about in the bathroom or stored in their ugly original boxes.

For example, take cotton buds out of their box and put them in the glass jars making their presentation more tasteful. The same can be done with hand soaps, brushes, hair accessories.

In OneHowTo we also explain how to make toys using recycled materials to get toys that are 100% ecological and don't cost anything.


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