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How To Decorate With Bamboo

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 30, 2017
How To Decorate With Bamboo

Would you like to decorate certain spaces of your home with bamboo? Do you believe bamboo could give that special touch to your home? Then you are in the correct place: at OneHowTo we show you how decorate with bamboo and make use of all the decorative possibilities of this material. From making walls from bamboo to using it as a decorative plant, there are many possibilities to decorate with bamboo, choose the one you like most!

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Steps to follow:


Bamboo is a decorative element that can look great in every corner of your home. It will give your home an air of Zen and harmony creating living areas of good taste and high fashion. You can also include it in a eclectic home incorporating different styles.

One idea is to put three or four bamboo shoots in a ceramic vase or in a basket; the idea is to place these as if they were a plant and therefore create an environment which is unique and elegant.

How To Decorate With Bamboo - Step 1

You can also decorate with bamboo in larger spaces. For example, you can use this material to simulate a wall in a place where there is none; in this way you will manage to divide the space in two without need for construction works in your home.

If you like the idea of having a wall made from bamboo, you can stick the canes to a white wall and add a dark wood mark; the result will be elegant, eastern and sophisticated.

How To Decorate With Bamboo - Step 2

If you like ethnic style decoration or with African touches, a perfect option to create amazing living spaces is to decorate the ceiling of the room with bamboo, in this way you will make your living room look like an African hut and the decorative essence of this continent will be present in your home. Another ethnic idea is to decorate coconuts.

How To Decorate With Bamboo - Step 3

It is also possible to use bamboo to decorate the cupboards or furniture of a room. Decorating with bamboo you can make rooms elegant, harmonious and reminiscent of Zen aesthetics. An idea that looks perfect is to have all the room in white or light tones and break with the tone installing a cupboard lined with bamboo shoots.

How To Decorate With Bamboo - Step 4

Bamboo also offers the possibility to separate spaces, like a folding screens. If you have got a room in which you want to create two different environments, you can use the rods of bamboo to achieve this wall effect.

The result, in addition, is very welcoming and elegant and will be useful to differentiate the television area from the dinning area.

How To Decorate With Bamboo - Step 5

As a decorative element, bamboo can be used to perfection. For example, if you have a large wall you can give it a singular touch by placing some bamboo shoots (not many) that work just as hanging a picture or putting up shelves would.

How To Decorate With Bamboo - Step 6

Bamboo poles are not only useful for living rooms and bedrooms. You can also use bamboo in the bathroom to give it some life and even outdoors as part of the garden decor. These are two spaces where it's ideal to combine bamboo with pebbles.

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How To Decorate With Bamboo