How To Decorate With Vinyl Records

How To Decorate With Vinyl Records

Decorating using vintage and recycled materials is the latest trend. The old vinyl records stored on your shelves can now be reused in your home, but this time with a completely different use: as decorative objects. Vinyls are perfect to decorate your home, turning them them into magazine racks, plate mats or in fun ceiling decorations.

At oneHOWTO we want you to join in the sensation which is decorating with recycled materials by guiding you through how to decorate with vinyl records, a trend that will give your home a unique touch.

Stuck to the walls

One of the easiest options to decorate with vinyl records is to stick them on one of your walls; this will give the room a retro vibe, different to the rest of the house. A good option is to mount them near the stereo or in an area of leisure, in this way you will be adding to the feeling that this is a place for leisure and entertainment.


As a mobile

You can also use the vinyl records to create a mobile, a decorative element which is fixed to the ceiling or at the doors to create a relaxing effect and sound. The idea is to find a few vinyl records (5 to 10) and hang them from a support with the help of some string. As you see in the picture, the result is very original.

As shelves

Another way that you can decorate with vinyl records is to use them as shelves or magazine racks, which would be perfect for an industrial style home. The trick is to hang them on the wall semi-folded and at short distance from one another, in this way you can place magazines on them without falling and creating an area perfect for holding them. This is a fun way to create original shelves with vinyl records and maximise the use of space.


Book supports with vinyl records

Vinyl records can also be used as original books supports; for this you only need to bend 1/3 of a vinyl and put it at the end of the book to support; do the same with a second vinyl and you will have a fun musical book stand.

However, to make the best of the musical theme inspired by records it would be great to use these to support music books or DVDs . Vinyls are better with music, don't you agree?

Vinyl records on the table

Another way to decorate with vinyl records is to bring them to the table. How you ask... Very easy: use them as place mats. This is an option that goes perfectly well with a well set table by giving it a different, original and creative touch. Prepare the table and place the vinyl records in front of each guest's place, you will see how surprised they will be!

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