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How to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui Style

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui Style

This Chinese tradition proposes that the bathroom be outside of the home, since the presence of water represents a vital energy drain according to this culture. But we know that this is not possible, so here are some ways you can decorate this space according to Feng Shui and maintain the energy balance of your home. At OneHowTo we explain some recommendations for how to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui style.

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Steps to follow:


To counter the power of the water element that eliminates good energies, it is necessary that there be an earth element in the restroom. You can do this by adding shelves to store personal items or even with a recessed sink. You can also add edging and decorations with botanical motifs.

How to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui Style - Step 1

Moisture is a major enemy of Feng Shui that exists in all bathrooms. Avoid it by turning your restroom into a ventilated space; it is important that air can circulate inside so that moisture is not trapped. If your restroom has no windows, try installing an exhaust fan or buy a de-humidifyer and make sure you have good artificial light to mimic natural light.


The door is an important element of bathroom furniture according to Feng Shui: if it is in line with the kitchen it can cause problems in prosperity, if it is near the entrance of the house, family quarrels will arise. So to prevent any of these scenarios, always keep your bathroom door closed.


If you have natural light in the bathroom, put a plant inside to serve as an energy balance element. You can opt for a flowered plant to match the colours of the decor of your restroom.

How to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui Style - Step 4

To incorporate the element of fire, use tools like incense, candles, lamps, pictures with striking motifs and even a curtain to separate the shower or tub from the rest of the room.


Choose colours that give life to your bathroom. Light tones are preferable according to Feng Shui. The best colours to use are blue, green, pink, salmon and orange. Avoid purple and red tones. Your best bet is to use pastel shades.

How to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui Style - Step 6

It is important that there be a mirror in the restroom. There can be one over the sink or a full-length one behind the door, but it is important that there are not more than two mirrors in the restroom, this would ruin the entire energy of the room.


It is important that personal care items in the restroom are only used in this room. Also check that all the taps of both the sink and the tub are in good shape, as any leak is harmful to the space's balance.


Now you know how to decorate your restroom according to Feng Shui. You may also be interested to learn how to paint the house according to Feng Shui.

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How to decorate your bathroom Feng Shui Style