How to Decorate your House for Fall

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Decorate your House for Fall

Cold nights, clear days, and colorful foliage are all part of fall. Use your imagination and add pumpkins, corn stalks, and other similar objects to your home. Just look outside for inspiration. Pay attention to autumnal colors and scents and imagine how you can bring this autumnal warmth to your nights. Stimulate your senses and you'll see how you'll be inspired. Keep on reading to learn how to decorate your house for fall.

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Start with the front door. Make your front door welcoming with a nice wreath. Look for twigs and garlands as a basis for fall decorations. Add berries, acorns and a few leaves. That's all you need to illuminate your door. Use a crown of vine as the base for sunflowers and other autumnal flowers. Add warm gold, rust and brown. Or a wreath of eucalyptus to make autumn perfume.

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Warm up your living room. Add soy candles scented with apple and cinnamon. Add pillows to match. Fill glasses with dried hydrangeas and rustic twigs in vases, as well as a wreath of acorns on the wall. Display old and used books by placing them on the coffee table or add them to a tray filled with brown trim. Place large baskets on the floor to put magazines in.

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Have fun in the kitchen. Get a tablecloth with an autumnal theme. Place a basket on the table and fill it with pumpkins. Put out tea towels with matching oven gloves. Find a box of apple biscuits. In big shops you can buy coffee-colored glasses, fun mugs, colored bowls and plates to match.

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Decorate the bathroom with towels of autumnal colors. Just a few hand towels on the rack can make a difference. Put some candles on the dresser and add a dried flower arrangement. Add a diffuser with aromas of apple, orange, or cinnamon. Look for hand soaps with scents or decorative soaps. Change the shower curtain or bathroom curtain to autumnal colors. Add a little wicker to your laundry basket to soften the atmosphere.


Make changes in the bedroom. Remove the summer quilt and replace it with a warm and thick duvet. Mix some pillows on the bed. Put candles on the desk and collect some books. Add some dried flowers, apple scents, hand lotion and a diffuser with apple aroma to the nightstand. Put an autumnal decoration on the wall. Now you have a cosy bedroom for autumn.

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  • Old objects are great for creating an autumnal look. Look for old maps, globes and antique toys.

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How to Decorate your House for Fall
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How to Decorate your House for Fall

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