How to Dry Your Clothes Faster Indoors

How to Dry Your Clothes Faster Indoors

Most of us live in apartments these days, and we don’t have enough space outdoors to hang our clothes for drying. Many people don’t like drying clothes in the sun, as it may damage the colors of the fabrics. So, to prolong your clothes’ life, simply hang them indoors. But one issue about drying clothes indoors is that they don’t dry as fast as they would outdoors. If you are concerned about drying the clothes indoors because it takes too long, then here at, we have come up with some ideas on how to dry your clothes faster indoors.

Use high spin on your dryer

If you are planning to hang your clothes indoors, then use high spin settings on your washing machine dryer. This will remove maximum water from the clothes even before you hang them for drying. However, if you don't have a dryer you can take a look at our article on tricks to Dry Clothes Faster without a Dryer.

Wash clothes early in the morning

Wash your clothes as early in the day as you can, so that you can give the entire day to your clothes to dry. There will be much light and warmth during the day to allow your clothes to dry. If you wash clothes in the afternoon and let them dry until night or until the next morning, drying will not be as effective as it would have been in the day. If you go to work, wash them and hang than before going out. By the time you come back, you will have your clothes completely dried up.

Make sure there is space between clothes

If you are hanging your clothes on a stand inside, make sure that there is gap between each layer of the clothes. If the clothes are stacked upon each other or are touching each other, they will obviously take longer to dry. The moisture in them will not get exposed to the limited air inside and it will not go out. For thicker garments like towels and jeans, hang each on two bars of the rack so that both sides are not even touching each other. One bar will be probably sufficient for thicker clothes like handkerchiefs and shirts. For more specific information on how to hang each item, take a look at How to Hang Clothes to Dry Properly.

Use hangers

To dry your clothes faster indoors, you can hang some clothes like shirts and tops on hangers, and hang them freely anywhere in your house, even on your furniture or the ceiling fan. They will be fully exposed to air and will dry quickly. This is an effective and convenient way of drying clothes inside. The clothes will be hung in single layers on hangers, which is great way of drying clothes.

Keep flipping

Once you have hung your clothes to dry inside, flipping them after a few hours will be very helpful in accelerating the drying process. By doing this, you will expose the opposite surface of the clothes to the air too, and help them dry more quickly.

Choose the perfect place to hang the clothes

If you hang your clothes in a humid, dank cement basement, they will definitely take longer to dry. If you have a balcony or some space next to a window, then place your stand there. There must be some place in your home which receives sun and wind at least for some time in the day. It is better to hang your clothes in that room to let them dry quickly.

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