How To Get Creases Out Of Clothes Without An Iron

How To Get Creases Out Of Clothes Without An Iron

If you find ironing one of the most dreaded household chores and you start to tremble every time you see a huge pile of ironing, this is your article. Next we'll give you a few simple tricks for you to learn how to get creases out of clothes without an iron so you can continue being dressed to the nines without needing to use an iron.

Steps to follow:

Removing creases with the steam from a shower is very easy and useful. Moisten the more noticeable creases with a cloth or a spray filled with water and put the garment on a hanger. Get in the shower as usual and wait for the steam from the hot water to make the creases disappear.


Believe it or not, a dryer can also help to remove creases from your clothes. Moisten the creases with a cloth or spray and put the garment in for about 10 minutes at medium temperature. When the dryer has finished hang the garment up on a hanger while it's still hot in the way that you would like it to be after being ironed.


After repeating the process of moistening the creases use your hair dryer to make them disappear. Keep the dryer at a minimum distance of 3 cm (1 inch approx.) to avoid damaging the fabric of the garment and stretch the creases out with your hands while applying heat. Make sure you hang the garment up afterwards so that the creases do not reappear.


Another way to get creases out of clothes without an iron is to use hair straighteners, as these can also help you get rid of creases. Before letting the straighteners heat up completely, iron the creases as you would with your hair and they will disappear.


If you have enough time, another trick is to place a wet towel on the garment that has been spread out on a bed or table. This method is slower than the previous ones but can be accelerated by smoothing the garment out with your hands. Take into account you will then need enough time to let the garment dry after you have proceeded.


Another practical trick is to use a saucepan or similar. It's as easy as boiling it with water, removing it from the container and carefully using its base as an iron. As simple as that!

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