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How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 13, 2019
How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes

What's that horrible smell? Do your clothes stink of your dog? Even if you wash your clothes with the usual detergent, that nasty odor cannot be eliminated entirely. It clings to your clothing. In order to remove the foul stench completely, you have to add a number of products to your wash in order to neutralize the outrageous smell and to rid your clothes of the pong. In this oneHOWTO article, we have a few tips on how to get dog smell out of clothes. Use this advice to save yourself the embarrassment of smelling like a stinky dog!

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Steps to follow:


One of the more traditional options for neutralizing nasty odors is to include bicarbonate in your cleaning. This product is perfect for mixing with clothes as they retain their softness and it is great for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Bicarbonate absorbs and removes foul odors left behind in your clothes by your dog. Now your clothes can be fresh again, with a clean scent. To take advantage of these benefits, you only have to add a tablespoon of baking soda in the drawer of the washing machine or in the water with which you usually wash your clothes (in case you wash them by hand).

How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes - Step 1

Another of the most effective natural remedies to get dog smell out of clothes is with apple cider vinegar. As is the case with baking, this product neutralizes odors and removes them, so that any iffy pongs in your clothes are banished.

To do so, you only have to add a 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to the box where you put the washing detergent. If you wash your clothes by hand, you'll have to add this amount to the water with which you're cleaning and thus you will achieve the desired effect.

How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes - Step 2

One of the factors that causes foul odors to cling to your clothing are the hair and debris get stuck in your clothes. So to remove this odor, you will have to remove all the lint and hairs that are hooked onto your clothes. The best way to do that is with a lint roller, collecting the excess hairs and leaving your clothes thoroughly clean. Only then you can remove the strong smell of dog.


Lemon juice is also a powerful cleaner that will get rid of the smells of dog from your clothing. But you have to keep in mind that it is also a natural bleach so it is strongly discouraged if you want to clean a darkly colored or brightly colored garment. Use it for light or white clothes to prevent damage to the garment's appearance.

To take advantage of the cleaning properties of lemon, you have to mix half a cup of water with half a cup of lemon juice and then stir. Add this mixture to your washing machine or the water with which you will clean the clothes. This will get rid of the foul smell and then your clothes give off a fresh, clean scent.

How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes - Step 4

In addition to these methods, in order to eliminate odors of dog, it is important to take specific hygiene-related measures that will make your dog not smell so strong. For example, a good trick to prevent your dog from smelling so bad consists in mixing one cup of apple cider vinegar in with your usual dog shampoo, thus neutralizing the stinky smell of a greasy dog coat.

It is also advisable to dry your dog's coat after swimming as the moisture may also produce a strong odor. Towel dry the dog's coat or use a hairdryer that is kept away from the dog's body to prevent burning or overheating the animal.

Another way to get rid of the scent of dog is by brushing your dog's coat frequently. Thereby loose hairs fall out and your home and your clothes will be spared from the onslaught of hairs and dust. It is best that you brush your dog's coat every day or every two days to keep it in good hygienic conditions.

How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes - Step 5

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How to Get Dog Smell out of Clothes