How To Get Rid of Ants Naturally With Vinegar

How To Get Rid of Ants Naturally With Vinegar

If you want to get rid of ants at home without using any chemical pesticides, we encourage you to read this article. Artificial repellents are harmful to the health of humans and pets, but there are effective ways to kill ants without toxic chemicals and pesticides. In this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to remove ants naturally and effectively with vinegar.

Steps to follow:

A great remedy for killing ants is to use white vinegar with water. Ants react badly to vinegar, so you can create a natural pesticide using just water and vinegar. You must make a spray mixture by adding the same amount of white vinegar as water. Once you have it, spray directly on insects to kill them. When you've killed them, wipe them up with a damp cloth and throw it away. Do not leave them in sight because the smell might attract others.


Vinegar with water can also be used to repel ants. Take the sprayer and spray the areas where they usually go. This way you have control over the ants' entrances to your home and they usually stop coming in.


Vinegar is also very useful for scrubbing or cleaning all surfaces. You can use this same vinegar solution to clean windows, counters and floors so ants will be less likely to reach these surfaces. So incorporate white vinegar into your cleaning routine because apart from disinfecting, you will get rid of unwanted ants and the smell is imperceptible to the human nose.


You can also use vinegar combined with other essences to create a great homemade insect repellent with which you can clean areas where ants tend to live. Grab a 250 ml bottle with dishwashing or hand soap and add 20 ml of pennyroyal, cinnamon, tea oil, citronella and vinegar. Mix all the ingredients and then dilute 3 tablespoons of this repellent with two glasses of water. Then you can spray the areas that cause you problems such as the trash area, the fridge and some windows. If you want to clean the countertop with this solution, dilute half a tablespoon with water and spray.


In general, using natural repellents with vinegar is very effective at treating ant infestations. You can also combine white vinegar with a glass of lemon juice, 30 grams of cayenne pepper and water. The combination of lemon and cayenne pepper will do a good job working as a protective barrier. On top of that, if you find the nest and spray it with this solution, you can get rid of the ants in the nest as well.

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