How To Get Rid Of Fried Food Smell In The House

How To Get Rid Of Fried Food Smell In The House

One of the most unpleasant smells that can linger in a house it that of fried foods. It is a powerful and strong smell that can permeate into clothing and all corners of the house. If you like fried foods but can not stand the smell their preparation leaves then carefully read the following OneHowTo article. This time we explain how to get rid of fried food smell in the house. Learn the tricks and basic steps to remove this smell and continue to cook your favorite fried foods.

Steps to follow:

One of the areas where there will be a greater smell of frying will obviously be the kitchen. This room should be where you take greater steps to get rid of fried food smell. Of course, we advise you to stop the greasy odor invading your home through preliminary measures like closing the kitchen door, using the extractor and opening the windows. This will help the smoke to escape quickly and not permeate everything.


If after frying the smell persists in the kitchen we recommend keeping it ventilated for a few hours. This will help air the kitchen and gradually the smell will fade away. Keep the extractor fan on and open your kitchen windows.


On the other hand, a good remedy to stop the smell of frying is to boil water in a pot or saucepan and add a few drops of soap. Then clean the tiles of the kitchen with this mixture. The hot water will remove odor more rapidly. You can use soaps with fragrances to supplant the smell of frying.


If what you want is to prevent the smell of fried food from invading the house then take note of this trick. It consists of adding dried parsley to the pan. Then add the oil and leave the parsley to soak just before you start frying. You will notice that the foods do not let off much odor.


If your clothing has been permeated by the smell of fried food we suggest you air it for a few hours prior to washing it. Once you have washed your clothes it will be best to avoid the tumble dryer and dry them in the fresh air. Remember that the sun makes odors disappears quickly.


If the bad smell persist after several washes on your clothes or other household fabrics like curtains, we recommend using soda or baking powder. Sprinkle this product on the garment and rub it in dry. This is a good way to avoid staining or damaging fabrics with multiple washes and still eliminate the smell of frying in little time.

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