How to grow basil

How to grow basil

Basil is one of the most versatile plants we can find and a fundamental ingredient in Italian cooking, which has made it famous all over the world. Those who enjoy cooking know there's nothing better than having fresh aromatic herbs to create our dishes, but they also don't occupy too much space and they're really useful. That's why gives you the keys to discover how to grow basil in simple steps.

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Steps to follow:

The best time to plant a basil plant is in spring.


This plant requires a lot of water, that's why if you live in a hot climate, you should water it frequently every time the earth dries. In winter it needs less liquid.


Basil needs light, but being exposed to the sun could mean it could wither, this is why you should choose a place where it doesn't recieve direct sunlight. Cold doesn't agree with it either, so keep it indoors during winter.


This aromatic herb grows very well indoors and even if it recieves good light it can be maintained for much longer than outdoors, as long as you care for it properly.


Cut it regularly so it doesn't bloom, this bloom makes the plant have an aniseed taste that fills the plant and could be horrible. At the same time, it's recommendable to take dry leafs off every two to three weeks so it grows healthier and better.


Every now and then you can also fertilize your basil plant in a perfectly natural way so it grows more.

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if you let go will the leves just get biger?
Eli Salvo (oneHOWTO editor)
Letting the basil grow won't make it grow bigger leaves. If your basil plant has very small leaves, you might want to try giving it some fertilizer or a natural compost. Remember that you should pinch off the top older leaves about once a week to promote your basil plant's growth.

How to grow basil
How to grow basil
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