How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors Or Outdoors

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors Or Outdoors

Plants make a great decorative element in many homes, bringing a touch of green or color to your home and garden or balcony. If you want to start growing some plants at home or in your garden, you will need to ensure that they receive enough light, nutrients and water, as well as protecting them from potential sources of damage.

So if you want to grow some plants, we have put together a few tips about how to successfully grow plants healthily and prevent them dying early. Take note of the tips in this article to know how to successfully grow a plant.

Use Clean Plant Pots

Start with a clean container - preferably sterile - to successfully plant a plant. All organisms that are harmful to plants can be killed by placing a stack of pots under running hot water. Let the water run slowly over the top pot for five minutes and you're done!

Another quick solution for cleaning plant pots: Mix equal parts water and white vinegar and apply to the pot. This is a practical method that works equally well for plastic and clay.

Preparing the Soil for Planting

Place a piece of clay over the hole in the bottom of the pot and cover it with a handful of soil, although you can use a few stones instead of clay. The idea is to allow water drainage (rather than letting it pool in the pot), without losing soil, and placing a piece of broken clay or some rocks inside can filter it properly.

Sowing Your Plants

Keep the plant in the pot with the crown just below the rim and its roots spread evenly.

In botany, the crown of the plant is right where the stem meets the roots. Most plants are sown with the crown at ground level. Burying the crown lower than ground level can often lead to the putrefaction and the eventual death of the plant.

Next, fill the pot with soil slowly and don't compress or pat down the earth. The level should be at least 2 cm below the rim of the pot to allow easy irrigation. If you have your own organic potting soil, you can mix it in.

How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors Or Outdoors - Sowing Your Plants

Successfully Transplanting a Plant

During transplantation of the plant, remove as much old soil as possible from the roots, especially at the top, whilst being careful to avoid damaging or disturbing the roots. Use a proportionally sized pot for the plant, as plants should be moved to larger pots as they grow.

You should prepare your plants for the transplant by watering them with a special fertilizer designed to aid the the process of transplanting them. You will also need to prepare the new plant container in the same way, adding substrate to fill it to just under the rim as before. You should also water this soil thoroughly with the same mix of water and fertilizer, ensuring that no dry soil remains.

Once you have prepared the new pot, dig a small hole approximately the size of the plant pot from which you are going to take the plant. Carefully remove the plant by tipping the pot upside down and slowly removing the plant very cautiously to avoid damaging the roots.

Finally, place the plant carefully into the new pot, filling with a little top soil but without compacting the soil too much. Water the plant once more with the same mixture and keep in a low-light area for a few days whilst the plant recovers from the transplant.

Selecting the Right Plant Pot

When choosing the right plant pot unglazed clay pots provide ideal conditions for plant growth. This they are porous, provide sufficient air circulation to the roots and have drainage holes in the bottom, making over-watering less likely.

Plastic pots are light and easy to handle but as in metal or ceramic pots, water gradually evaporates, so you have to be careful not with watering the plants.

If you fail to ensure adequate drainage, water can accumulate in the bottom of the pot, which could cause the roots to rot and emit toxic gases into the plant, so selecting the right plant pot is important.

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How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors Or Outdoors
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How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors Or Outdoors

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