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How to Grow Kiwi Vines

How to Grow Kiwi Vines

The kiwi is a natural source of vitamins (C and E) and moreover, also it is rich in fibre, low in cholesterol and has antioxidant benefits, anti-cancer effects and strengthens the body's defences. If you're thinking of planting a kiwi vine, which comes from China, in your garden to produce these delicious fruits, you should take some key factors into consideration. At OneHowTo we explain how to grow a kiwi vine. This fruit plant requires special attention, but you need to arm yourself with patience in order to get delicious kiwis. If you live in a mild climate, this exotic vine is perfect. So keep reading!

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Steps to follow:

To grow a kiwi vine properly and effectively, remember that it should be planted during mild weather. For it to bear fruit, the vine should also be placed in an area where it is sheltered from the wind. Remember the kiwi vine is a plant of subtropical origin. The cold can destroy its fruit.


If you plant this vine's seeds, the germination and growth of your kiwi vine will take longer, so you can also buy your plant from a garden centre. As for the soil type, remember that the soil should be rich in organic matter. Also, we recommend for the soil to be slightly acidic and if you use fertilizers, add them only during the spring time and in small amounts, as adding it in large quantities may burn the roots of your kiwi vine.


If you want your plant to produce this citrus fruit, you should know that there and female kiwi plants, so you need a male for every five female kiwi plants for pollination.

When planting from seed, make sure you leave around ten to fifteen feet apart from one seed to the other.


The kiwi vine is a type of plant that needs a lot of light in order to produce its fruit, so place it in a sunny area of your garden or another sunny environment, although it is not good for it to be in direct sunlight.


As for irrigation, the kiwi vine needs enough humidity, so the soil in which you plant it should be fertile and well-drained, as although it can handle long wet periods, it could end up rotting. Take a look at the drip irrigation method to learn more about this sustainable watering method.


The kiwi vine needs to be pruned in order for it to grow stronger and quicker. When pruning, which is usually done in the winter before the tree blooms, remove the old rotting leaves and branches.


Plant your kiwi vine taking care of pests and diseases. If you see that your plant is sick, go back to your garden centre to get the necessary advice to cure it.


A kiwi vine will make your garden beautiful and gives it an excellent scent. In addition, we can make many recipes with this fruit.

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How to Grow Kiwi Vines
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How to Grow Kiwi Vines