How to Hang Pictures without Drilling

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Hang Pictures without Drilling

When thinking of hanging a picture, we think of drills and dust. However, it doesn't need to beso complicated. You don't need to ask a handyman to do this for you. Today, there are some products that can make this task a lot easier, which do not require making holes in your wall. If you want to know how to hang pictures without drilling and save yourself more than just a headache, keep reading this OneHowTo article.

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Steps to follow:

Whether you want to hang a picture on your wall or any other decorative object, one of the most effective options that is also nice and simple is to use adhesive strips. These trips are double sided, one side of which should be stuck to the wall on the area you want to place the picture and the other should be attached to the picture. One of the advantages of this product is that it allows us the option of moving the picture from one spot to another, without much hassle. To remove the adhesive strip, pull the strip down from the bottom.

How to Hang Pictures without Drilling - Step 1

If you want to hang a picture, photo frame or any other object that does not have a hook at the back, but rather some string or other support, we can use the adhesive hooks. It works very similar to the previous method, the only difference being that this uses a hook which has an in-built adhesive strip. This will enable you to hang any heavy object without having to drill into the wall.

How to Hang Pictures without Drilling - Step 2

If you find that your wall does not have a completely flat surface to allow the strips to stick securely, there's an alternative way of hanging your pictures. This entails using an adhesive paste, similar to liquid glue, which also allows us to move the pictures wherever we like.

How to Hang Pictures without Drilling - Step 3

One option that has become very fashionable is to lay out the pictures in an elegant and modern way by using a shelf on which to place the photos, pictures, and even magazines and books. This is a unique way of displaying photos, which creates a visually enticing result. The manner in which the shelves are attached to the wall is very similar to the adhesive strips. If you need to hang the shelf first, stick the adhesive strips to the wall. If, on the contrary, you already have a shelf at home, simply rest some frames on the shelf, against the wall. Similarly, you could take advantage of a frieze by placing your pictures on top. It is one of the simplest options.


For any of the products mentioned in this article, such as the adhesive strips or adhesive paste, also known as mounting adhesive, go to any DIY store. Once you've bought the products you need, you'll see how nice and easy it is to hang pictures on the wall, to give your home a nice personal touch.

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How to Hang Pictures without Drilling
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How to Hang Pictures without Drilling

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