How To Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

How To Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Your bedroom is often the only place where you come to relax after a hectic day of work. A messy, untidy room is usually the sign of a child or a careless teenager. Keeping the bedroom tidy often seems like a chore, and entering it can actually give you a headache. When you come home to a tidy bedroom, you may also want to know 5 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Clean. But here at, we will give you some real tips on how to keep your bedroom tidy.

Steps to follow:

First of all, get into the habit of keeping your bed tidy. Make your bed every day before leaving for work, so that you come home to a tidy bedroom in the evening. A messy bed can actually make your room messy, even if all other things are tidy. You should also leave the habit of throwing things on the bed.


Keep food away from your bedroom. It may be tempting to snuggle in the bed and enjoy your favorite snack. But those wrappers and dirty dishes can quickly mess up your room. If you actually need to eat in the bedroom, always send your dishes to the kitchen and garbage into the bin as soon as you are done. You can even keep a trash can in the bedroom, which will help to keep your bedroom tidy.


Put everything back where it belongs. It may not be a quick and simple rule to follow, but get inspired by the fact that this mere act will always keep your room from becoming a disaster again. If you don’t do it now, at least promise yourself to do it before going to bed in the night.


Do some maintenance cleaning at least once in a week. Use one hour of your weekend to dust off your bookshelves, desk and any other dusty surface. Wash the sheets, vacuum the carpet, sweep the floor, and clean off the windows. All this can be done in an hour, which is worth the investment in exchange for a tidy bedroom.


Always put your clothes in the dirty clothes bag instead of on the floor. Put the books into the bookshelf rather than tossing it on the floor. Put away your shoes in the shoe rack, or make a certain spot in the room where you can keep your shoes organized. Some people also have the habit of throwing unnecessary pillows on the floor. You should put them in the closet instead.


Lighting can actually make your room look cleaner. Install a few lamps without overdoing. One floor lamp and two desk lamps are fine, and make sure that they give soft, white light in the room. A well-lit bedroom looks bigger too. Make sure not to paint dark colors on your bedroom walls. If you need some help you can take a look at how to pick a paint color for your bedroom.


Install loads of drawers, closets, racks and cupboards to keep all things organized and hidden. Get rid of unwanted things in your bedroom by either throwing them or donating them. Keep clutter at minimum, and keep things in place there and then.

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