How To Light a Fire In A Fireplace

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Light a Fire In A Fireplace

When you have a fireplace in your house, you do not have to rely on electricity or natural gas heaters to keep you warm in winter. When you are using the chimney to heat your home, not only are you saving money but you also offer up a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Knowing how to light a fire in the fireplace it is not very difficult, but security is the key to everyone's safety. Therefore, on OneHowTo we want to offer you some essential tips and recommendations for lighting a fire at home.

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The first thing you need to consider to make a fire in the fireplace will be to make sure there are no dangerous objects nearby. Remove any flammable object or product that could pose a risk, such as batteries, gas lighters or aerosols.


To make a good fire that will last, you will need large bits of wood and snags, but to ignite the flame it is advisable to use thin twigs, dry leaves, pine cones or materials such as old newsprint.

How To Light a Fire In A Fireplace - Step 2

When you have prepared the kindling with the materials we have mentioned, take a match or lighter and light the fire. To help the fire get going, you can set different parts alight.


You will need to leave open spaces between the logs so the fire can breathe fire with the necessary oxygen to burn.


Use a pair of bellows, the tool to give air to the fire and which is used for fanning the flames, to give the fire energy to take on the larger logs. Do not extinguish the flame. Also, if it is a fireplace with a door, you should check that the vents are open when the fire is still getting going.

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Once the flame is lit, you can add larger logs and reload the kindling as necessary. Don't add to many logs, as you run the risk of either suffocating the fire or adding too much fuel causing your fire to get too hot.


With the help of the fireplace utensils, you'll be able to turn around the pieces of wood as you need. By now, you should be feeling nice and cosy!

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  • Be careful with children, so that they do not approach the fire if you are not present.
  • If you go to sleep and the fire is still lit, do not forget to put the protective guard on or to make sure there is no carpet or anything flammable near the fire.

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How To Light a Fire In A Fireplace
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How To Light a Fire In A Fireplace

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