How to care for a Bonsai Tree

How to Look after a Bonsai Tree

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 5, 2019
How to Look after a Bonsai Tree

Taking care of a bonsai tree is not as simple a task as it may seem. In fact, it is an ancient art , almost 2000 years old, that originated in Taoist monasteries in China. It was considered as a hobby for the privileged classes, as the tree represented a bridge between heaven and earth, and keeping it healthy would guarantee eternal life. Although today its original meaning has been lost, many people want one in the house. So, this oneHOWTO article will give you some tips on How to Take Care of a Bonsai Tree.

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Steps to follow:


The bonsai is one of the most delicate plants around. They're extremely sensitive to changes in light, how often they're watered, the air, and other factors, so if you want to keep it looking healthy you need to spend time looking after it.


You need to water it when the soil starts to dry, without waiting for it to dry out completely, as this could harm the plant. When you water the plant, leave the soil moist and not completely soaked.

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You must pay close attention to the state of the soil when it comes to watering. In cold weather you may not need to water the bonsai for a couple of days, but in hot weather it may need watering two or three times a day. Care and attention are vital.


Bonsais require fertiliser for healthy growth. It is recommended to use small amounts of fertiliser during the spring and larger amounts in the autumn. During the summer and winter you don't need to do this.


Use organic fertiliser specifically for bonsais. Consult a specialist for more information.


Because soil erodes and begins to require more treatment, every two or three years you need to transplant the bonsai to a new pot, pruning leaves and roots in the process. This is necessary to renew the plant's soil, but it is a delicate process that will need to be carried out at different times depending on the species, so it's advisable to find out more based on the bonsai you have at home.


The plant also needs to be pruned by cutting its leaves and branches, and even its roots, during the repotting process. This process is very important as it will help strengthen your bonsai.

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The bonsai is not a simple garden plant - it requires a lot of care and attention, so as well as knowing how to look after it you should also make sure you have time to do so. Although taking care of a bonsai is very relaxing , it is no simple task.

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How to Look after a Bonsai Tree