How To Make A DIY Bedside Table With Pallets

How To Make A DIY Bedside Table With Pallets

What is a bedroom without a bedside table? If you want to make your own bedside table, you'll need carpenter tools and a bit of effort for this project, but the end result is worth it. In this oneHOWTO article we'll show you how to recycle a pallet and turn it into a functional piece of furniture: A DIY Bedside table made from Pallets.

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You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Begin dismantling the pallet. Use a crowbar and hammer to remove the slats. You can also use a chisel to loosen the bar before using a lever, to avoid damaging the wood.


Cut the 10 boards to 52 centimetres using a circular saw.


Select 3 sets of planks that you will use for the sides and for the back.


Place the three set of planks side by side and measure the total width. This is the measurement you'll need for the rectangles.


The rectangles consist of 4 wooden planks each. It is very important to cut the beams exactly the right size.


Next, you can start mounting the boxes. The rectangles will be out of sight when the bedside table is complete. Attaching it aesthetically is not as important.


The pallet beams are 70 millimetres thick so you will need long screws. Be sure to make the rectangular frames exactly the same size. When you've finished assembling the boxes, cut the boards for the top of the bedside table. Use a circular saw to cut pieces of appropriate sizes.


Before joining the frame pieces, clean the wood with the belt sander. If you're crazy enough, you can do it by hand! Use a circular sander to create a pleasing pattern.


For the assembly you can use nails only. You can also use glue too, but it is not necessary. The frame should be strong enough. Make sure the wood is completely dry before assembling the table.


Join the top wooden plate to the rectangular frame first. Next, nail the boards to e sides and the back part of the table. This is the hard part. You have to hold everything and form the square well before proceeding with nailing them together. Finally, mount the bottom rectangle.


To make the drawer, attach two pieces of plywood to the frame. The box is made of 5 pieces of wood and one piece of plywood, measuring 4 millimetres. First, measure the size of the plywood and cut it with a circular saw.


Measure the height and cut a slot in the front panel of 8 mm deep. This fits into the plywood. Cut the other planks. Place the boards on the top part of the plywood and assemble them with nails and glue. When you're done with the drawer, you can slide in the shelf. Use screws to secure the two strips on the sides.


Make sure the slats are even. Now you can nail the shelf in the slats. Finally, secure the main front board. You can make a hole in the shape you want. First, cut the plank to the correct size.


Then, draw the shape in the right place. Use a drill saw and a compass saw to cut the shape in the wood. Now, mount this board with some nails and glue.


Your DIY bedside pallet table is now finished! In order to protect the wood and give it a good finish, use some clear wood stainer. Clean the wood, sand it down and clean it again. Apply one layer of stainer and wait at least 4 hours. Sand down again lightly with a fine sandpaper. Clen the wood again before applying a second coat of wood stainer.


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