How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder

Plants are essential elements in the home, since they bring vitality and beauty to our living spaces and improve the Feng Shui of our home. Placing your plants in a stand or support will add a rustic feel and brighten up your garden. There's no need to invest much money in buying a stand; you can create your own and give it a personal touch. At, we'll explain how to make a plant stand from a ladder. You can display your pots on this stand, either inside or outside your home; they'll occupy less space and this beautiful structure will become the focal point for your prettiest plants. Make yourself a yourself yet beautiful decorative item. Get to work!

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Steps to follow:

We recommend you use a wooden ladder to make the plant stand, so that you can play around more with the decoration. However, it's best not to use very tall ladders, as you'll be using the steps to support the shelves where you will position the pots.

How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder - Step 1

To make a plant stand from a ladder, start by working on it thoroughly by sanding them down, especially if the wood is old as it may be splintering. If you have decided to use a metal ladder, you should still sand them down to remove any rusted areas. We recommend that first you use large-grain sandpaper or emery paper to remove any damaged areas and then use a finer textured sandpaper to level off and balance out the texture of the ladders.


Once you have sanded down the ladder, paint and varnish it. Select a color that enhances the decor of your garden, house or the specific room you're placing the stand in. To ensure that the paint finish looks good, we recommend using a sponge applicator and apply a couple of coats of paint.

How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder - Step 3

To give the stand a personal touch, you could add some drawings, glue some floral motifs or stencil a design on the sides of the ladder or on each step.

How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder - Step 4

On each shelf of your new stand, you should place some non-slip mats so that your pots don't fall or slide off. You can find ones that have decorative elements, such as floral designs or funny lyrics, to further enhance the look of your plant stand.


Use your imagination and turn an old set of stepladders into a beautiful plant stand.

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How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder
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How to Make a Plant Stand from a Ladder

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