How to Make a Room Look Bigger

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Room Look Bigger

For the last several years, the price of apartments has been very high and many people with a normal salary can not afford a very large house. The result is a house or room which has few square meters. But this is not a problem, because by taking in to account some details such as the furniture and color of the walls, we can make it look wider and bigger. To achieve this, simply follow the tips in this article about how to make a room look bigger.

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When you want to make a room look bigger, you should try to get furniture which allows you to do various activities and incorporate storage space in order to avoid having to buy a lot of furniture and to save space. For example, beds or sofas with storage underneath are very useful.

When positioning them, do not make the mistake of placing furniture against the wall to save space. This is a misconception that a lot of people have. It is best to arrange the furniture in the form of triangle to give amplitude to the room.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger - Furniture

The walls

If you want to give light and space to your room, you have to use light colors on the walls. Light colors like white, cream, yellow, grey and light blues make the room look bigger. By contrast, dark colors make the room look smaller.

But if you are attracted to dark colors and want to dedicate some areas of your house to them, a good trick is to paint the hallway with a darker color. This way you accentuate the luminosity in the adjacent room and making it appear wider. The color of the walls will influence this a lot, so we recommend you take a look at our article on how to paint your house according to psychology.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger - The walls


To give more visual space to your room, use mirrors and glassware, such as the coffee table. The mirrors reflect light and extend the space, giving the impression of depth. Because of this, it is very useful to position mirrors strategically in the room, or you can make the most of the space on the wardrobe doors or other pieces of furniture.

In the same way, glass tables allow you to see the floor and other furniture found in the room, so if you are a looking for a table you should definitely consider a glass one.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger - Mirrors


Another trick to keep the room light, besides the distribution of furniture and color of the walls, you can also extend the curtain pole higher than the window frames. In this way more light enters and it fools the eye in to thinking that the window opening is greater.

It is also useful to have several lamps to create different sources of light. This way, we create different spaces and multiply the focus of our eyes.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger - Light

Accessories and decoration

Avoid cluttering the room, objects can block the view and make the room appear smaller. If the various accessories in the room are of different colors, you should organize them by color, so the atmosphere will be visually neater.

Similarly, decorative elements and other ornaments will also influence and make your room look larger than it is, or, on the contrary, make it look cluttered. Here we explain in more detail how to decorate a small room.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger - Accessories and decoration

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  • Use vertical bookshelves that reach the ceiling and thus give more space in the room.

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How to Make a Room Look Bigger
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How to Make a Room Look Bigger

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