How To Make Distilled Water From Tap Water

How To Make Distilled Water From Tap Water

You won’t believe how easy it is to make distilled water from tap water. The whole idea is to remove all the chemicals and minerals from the water. You can use distilled water in a variety of ways, including watering plants, drinking, steam ironing, filling humidifiers, aquariums or fish tanks, etc. Tap water can be distilled on your stove, grill or campfire very easily at home. Let’s know about how to make distilled water from tap water at

About the method

Distilled water can be easily made from tap water on a grill, stove or campfire. To make distilled water from tap water, fill a large container with water, and float or place another smaller container on it to collect the distilled water. The idea is to boil the tap water, and capture its steam to condense it and get distilled water. When all the tap water has boiled away, the remaining part will be nothing but chemicals, minerals and contaminants present in the tap water.

Things needed

To make the distilled water you will need the following:

  • An aluminum pot or stainless steel pot with 5 gallons capacity
  • A round lid that fits the pot
  • A smaller metal or glass bowl that will float inside this pot
  • Ice cubes

Method to make distilled water from tap water

The first step will be to fill the bigger pot half way up with water.

Set the smaller bowl in the pot, and let it float on the water. When you place the lid on the bigger pot, the water will drip and get collected in this smaller bowl. So, make sure that the size is big enough to ensure that the distilled water does not drip back in the bigger pot.

Place the lid upside down on the bigger pot with the smaller bowl inside. When you boil the water, the water vapor will rise till the lid, and condense to form droplets and fall into the smaller bowl.

Now turn on the heat, and let the water boil. The droplets will start forming even before the water has boiled.

You can place ice cubes on top of the inverted lid, which will help the condensed steam to form and fall in the smaller bowl more easily and quickly.

Turn off the flame, and carefully remove the smaller bowl from the bigger pot. The smaller bowl will contain the distilled water you have made from tap water.

Store this distilled water in a clean container, and it's ready to use as you wish.


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