How to Make Homemade Fertiliser

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Homemade Fertiliser

There are several ways to prepare an organic fertiliser which is essential to enrich, nurture and care for plants. Sometimes we find that the ready-made fertilisers at the supermarket or gardening shops are packed full of chemical fertilisers that can end up doing more damage than good to your precious garden. We recommend you keep your plants away from any chemicals, so we are providing an ecological option and natural, homemade fertiliser recipe. Discover how to make homemade fertiliser that will satisfy and properly feed your plants to grow healthy and strong.

Homemade fertiliser with manure

If you like the world of gardening or cultivation certainly you know manure is one of the best natural fertilisers that exists on the planet. You can find compost ready to use but if you have animals like chickens, rabbits or goats or with pets you can use their droppings to enrich the soil of your plants, thanks to its high nitrogen content.

Of course, you should not add directly excrement on the base of the plant, but compost it beforehand. On OneHowTo, we tell you what the best food scraps for compost are and how compost helps plants to grow.

How to Make Homemade Fertiliser - Homemade fertiliser with manure

Homemade fertiliser flour

One of the best home fertilisers is one that we can prepare with flour. To achieve this compost will need: flour seeds, common agricultural lime and dolomitic lime. All these ingredients can get them at garden stores or specialised nurseries.


  • Mix all the ingredients for the fertiliser: 4 parts flour, 1/2 agricultural lime and 1/2 dolomite lime.
  • To achieve a greater effect of organic fertiliser, you can add 1 part bone meal or flour.

Use this fertiliser once a year after sowing. You must place the fertiliser and work the land for the product to act properly. Then moisten the soil by watering. You will see how well it works this organic fertiliser.

Homemade fertilizer with coffee

Do you like coffee? As from now, while enjoying its delicious flavour, you can use their grounds to fertilize your plants. Coffee is a good natural fertilizer that will help oxygenate the soil in your garden thanks to the amount of nitrogen it contains.

To prepare the coffee just fertilizer you should be keeping the waste and place them in a plastic bag. The important thing is that coffee is dry before adding to compost earth, because moisture could make it rot. Disturb the ground before you pour it well. This organic fertiliser with coffee will help you keep your beautiful and healthy garden.

How to Make Homemade Fertiliser - Homemade fertilizer with coffee

Homemade fertiliser with shells

Everyone who loves organic product loves a good homemade fertiliser. Eggshells, for example, are a key element when it comes to caring for our gardens, as well as being an excellent fertiliser that can help repel pests.


  • Crushed eggshells
  • Make holes or holes in the base of the plants and placed inside the crushed shells.
  • Another option: dry them and convert them into powder, then spread it on the basis of the plant

Ready! Thanks to its rich mineral composition (contains 93% calcium), eggshells help prepare the soil for good growth of your plants.

Another excellent idea is use the skins of bananas, since its high in potassium - nutrient also required for good plant growth - will help to enrich the soil naturally. Skins buried under sand and compost and get a perfect organic fertilizer for your plants, which gradually flourish more.

How to Make Homemade Fertiliser - Homemade fertiliser with shells

Home lawn fertiliser

Reusing the grass in your garden to get a good organic fertiliser is a very good choice. The grass is rich in nitrogen, so that, over time, becomes just a good natural fertiliser. To prepare the based fertiliser grass you need to cut turf, or even of those weeds that both annoys you in your garden. All are worth because they absorb nutrients from the soil which then serve to feed our plants.


  • Place grass clippings or grass in a bucket.
  • Then throw in water and leave it for about two days or so.
  • After the required time, strain the water in the bucket and make a herb tea with this mixture (a cup of liquid grass with 10 cups water).

Ready! Apply herb tea based on your plants and you will keep them healthy. Keep them away from chemicals that can damage them. Do it now!

How to Make Homemade Fertiliser - Home lawn fertiliser

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How to Make Homemade Fertiliser
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How to Make Homemade Fertiliser

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